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The wonderful Antoinette M– has posted about my free stories on her blog. That made me realize that I hadn’t announced them on my own blog! In fact, it’s been so long since my last big update, I wondered if I could even remember my own password!

Spoiler alert: I did.

How do you know about my free offers, even when I neglect to update my blog? I never forget my mailing list! Join it by clicking the link at the top right of every page on this site! Joining, you also get codes that make my stories free on my author page.

Yellow Summer: Adventures of a Pee Slut is now available… free! Yellow Summer is the quirky erotic romance between Lanna Langenhaft, a bubbly young college student, and Gael Ceannaideach, a severe, eccentric Scottish lord who is trying to run a fetish nightclub in the USA.

Yellow Summer is Free on Amazon for Kindle through Tuesday, January 8!

Book description:

“It’s Bridget Jones meets the Bangbus and then they crash into
a fetish club where she falls in love and saves everyone.”

—J.D. via the internet

The book cover that screams class.

The book cover that screams class.

Lanna Langenhaft is in a rut. Crappy boyfriend, angry father, no job, and a long empty summer ahead.

One day she wanders into a fetish club and they put her to work as the “Bathroom Girl”—half eye-candy, half janitor. She meets the club’s mesmerizing owner, Gael. He’s an eccentric Scotsman with anger issues, a muscular build, and abdominals ripped like a parachute accident. Lanna is precisely the type of bubbly weirdo he can’t stand… but he can’t stay away from her, either.

Soon, Lanna has a dysfunctional, adopted fetish-family—and a icky new fetish of her own: golden showers! She’s finally taking control of her life, when suddenly a figure from her past threatens to take it all away.

Can Lanna save her family, save the club, and snag an irritable Scotsman all at the same time? She’ll try her best. It will need a lot of sex and watersports.

* * * * *

Yellow Summer is a story about empowerment through getting peed on. It’s a story of personal em-pee-werment. Yes, you just read that. It’s the pee story for people who don’t like pee stories.

So… you don’t think peeing is awesome? Just consider a life where you can’t pee at all! That’s what I thought.

Here’s more reading, now that I’ve captured your interest:

I used this picture in my research (“pee-search”) blog posting. Why am I recycling it here? Just look at her dress, people. She’s killing it. Wouldn’t you want to be blogged about more than once if you had a red dress like that?

Young woman doing pee-search.

Excuse me, sir! Urine my way. I’m doing pee-search for my lavatory. I’ll publish it in the journal, “Bladder Homes and Gardens.” Urea-ly should subscribe. It’s sort of edgy and excre-ri-mental.
(Okay I’m out. Look at my tight red dress!!)
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