So, what’s Ursine?

Are you feeling trashy? Because that’s how you attract bears.

As featured on The Elegant Criminal Society tumblr: In 1976, an acclaimed Canadian author named Marian Engel wrote an award-winning novel.

“This time, it’s not the bear that gets stuffed.”

This is a real goddamn thing. You can buy it on Amazon, where it has a classy new cover and it’s blurbed by none other than Margaret Atwood:

Bear is a strange and wonderful book,
plausible as kitchens, but shapely as a folktale,
and with the same disturbing resonance.

–Margaret Fucking Atwood

Are you interested in reading about one woman’s bizarre and healing relationship with a bear? Then you’ll love my new ebook about a hot chick showing off at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Just kidding, you won’t.

Tonight I’m going to pathetically reproduce this scene with the chewed-up Panda Plushie that I steal from my dog.

I thought I was bringing the weird with my fetish erotic romance novella Yellow Summer. Now I know I didn’t bring nearly enough weird. No wonder Marian Engel is the acclaimed author, and I’m making bear jokes.

Kudos to for J.L. Sage for posting this treasure in the SmutWriter community’s discussion board! Sage is a writer, check out her shifter story “Fondling the Frat Boy“.

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