Free eBook: “Teasing for the Team”

A shy, geeky girlfriend transforms into a sexy soccer babe to help her boyfriend’s career.

Gidget pits herself against a famous Victoria’s Secret underwear model in a contest to see which can get the most attention at a 2014 Soccer World Cup game.

3D-cover-copyGidget is a sexy, nerdy young woman who loves soccer. She joins her boyfriend on a business trip to Rio de Janeiro, planning to attend the Belgium vs. Korea World Cup Match while she’s there.

The trip turns sour when her boyfriend’s promotion is suddenly in jeopardy. His wealthy, eccentric boss complains that Belgium doesn’t have any gorgeous soccer babes in the stands this year. He boss thinks a friendly competition between Gidget and another girlfriend can fix this problem. Whichever girlfriend can be the sexiest soccer babe on the Belgian side of the stadium will win a promotion for her boyfriend.

Gidget secretly likes receiving male attention, so she’s willing to compete. Unfortunately, her adversary is none other than Aohhao, the famous Victoria’s Secret underwear model from Hawaii. Gidget will have to work very hard to eclipse this popular sex symbol!

The soccer game is an exhibitionist’s dream come true: The more Gidget escalates, the more excited she gets, and the closer she comes to winning the contest.

This 9000-word erotica story features soccer babes who try to outdo each other for attention. The story has themes of teasing, showing off, physical displays of affection, exhibitionism, a public orgasm, and even groping by a crowd. Gidget’s adventure is not for the shy or faint of heart!

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