Hey ya’ll, I was just deflowered!

Scene from my interview with Virginia Flowers. It stopped working halfway through! Ugh, I’m so non-technical. She recommended I switch to email instead.

As if you need another reason to visit Virigina Flowers’s blog — I’m featured over there today!! Yep! I can finally delete this blog because I’ve made it to the big time. (Sample book: The Interview (Confessions of an IT Stud) by Virginia Flowers.)

In my interview, I go Full Metal Lindsey on topics that range from writing, through pee-empowerment, my memories of how awesome I was in college, metrosexual men with man-ginas, my new Trapper and Emmeline book (free today at a fine ebookstore near you), and good Romance character names (three syllables are the best). Along the way I talk about myself very frequently.

I talk about my writing process Yellow Summer, a pee story due to splatter onto the market sometime this summer:

I conducted pee research [late-breaking joke: peesearch]. I hid in the shower and then jumped out while DH was peeing and screamed at him to give me some yellow love. (Okay, martinis played a part in my planning.) Over the course of a few weeks of this, DH’s bladder turned “shy,” so I had to take my research to the Internet. There I found, as you might expect, lots of people covered in urine.

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