Six Sentence Sunday: Yellow Summer

Young woman doing peesearch.

Excuse me, sir! Urine my way. I’m doing pee-search for my lavatory. I’ll publish it in the journal, “Bladder Homes and Gardens.” Urea-ly should subscribe. It’s sort of edgy and excre-ri-mental. 
(Okay I’m out. Look at my tight red dress!!
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Meet Lanna and her weird fetish. 

Lanna works in a fetish night club. She’s cleaning the Men’s Room when her ridiculous jerk of a boyfriend, Smeer, finds her. Sex ensues. Suddenly, one of the club regulars walks in and uses the urinal beside them. He is completely blasé and too cool for school. He even asks Smeer about Lanna:

“Lanna isn’t a girl, she’s my slut,” Smeer gasped, and finally jetted into me so hard I felt my womb flinch. He clenched my hips in his hands and collapsed on my back, breathing against my shoulder.

Oxygen started reaching my brain by this point, and I realized I was being fucked in the men’s room, with a customer talking to me. Moreover, the customer had his dick in his hand. Even more moreover, the customer’s dick wasn’t bad looking. It looked… like something I wanted to inappropriately explore.

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Yellow Summer is the story of an oppressed young woman who is surrounded by dreadful, self-involved men. Her overbearing father ignores her feelings. Her boyfriend uses her to market his night clubs. Her boss, Gael, is a brilliant but damaged hottie who both attracts and repulses her.

Then one day, Lanna discovers her personal kink — pee, of all things! She becomes the “Bathroom Girl” at the night club and slowly takes control of her life. Using her special talents, she saves the club from real estate speculators, defeats the city council, and hooks the man of her dreams.

Lanna finds empowerment by getting peed on. It’s a story of personal em-pee-werment. Yes, you just read that. Yellow Summer is a pee story for people who don’t like pee stories. Like Lanna in the bathroom, it’s coming soon!

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