Six Sentence Sunday: Long Sentences

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At the beginning of last summer when I first started publishing, I had this wonderful idea to name my heroines after myself. Beginner mistake! When I read a scene, and say, “Would Lindsey really do that?” I have to answer, “Well yeah, duh!” It’s no help at all for generating believable characters. I am going through all my stories and removing that licentious harlot from all the scenes.

What does this Lindsey character, who is not me, get up to in her stories? 

Also, six sentences seem so short! My solution: long sentences! Here is a blurb from Lindsey Seduces the Cigar Party. The male narrator muses  about BJs while Lindsey, not me, is giving him some love (on a balcony!):

That was the part I liked best about blowjobs—when the shaft gets really pulled. After the flirty beginning, with little kisses and licks that I can hardly feel, and after the long slow whole-tongue licks where I can see the woman is warming to the job, and after the tentative suction when her lips get loose and hot and shiny with saliva (blowjob lips are my favorite lips, especially when it’s my dick they’re wrapped around)… after all that foreplay, the woman finally takes the shaft of the cock in her hand, and yanks it towards her face, and holds the head in her mouth. That’s the part I like best: when the pretense is gone. What she’s doing will make me come on her. The woman knows she’s pulling cum out of my dick, and she knows it’s going to fill her mouth—and the better the job she does, the more cum she’ll get. A woman might be generally ambivalent about sucking dick, but by the time she’s jerking you into her mouth, she’s at peace with her choice.

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