Six Sentence Sunday: Daddy Interrupt-us!

“You stand out there and ACT NATURAL. I will hide behind you and… ooh! What have we here? How delightful!”

In a passage that evokes the tapestry scene  in Hamlet (because we’re totally literary), Emmeline is having classy sex with an older family friend.

Suddenly her scary Greek construction-foreman father returns home!

She has to think fast or she and Uncle Stace (not her real uncle) will die mid-coitus in a nuclear explosion of Greek betrayal and rage not seen since [insert another classy Greek tragedy reference here].

It only took a moment for Uncle Stace to get into rhythm, but even so, my father was stomping toward us up the hall before Stace finally exploded in my pussy. The heat and wet in my belly compounded. I felt like I was a balloon filling up with cum. Stace closed the curtains between us but was still spurting into me when my father entered the room.

He looked at the expression on my face, which was probably one he’d never seen before. ….

Strangest hook-up ever! I thought.

Trapper and Emmeline, available at a fine e-proprietor near you.

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4 Comments Six Sentence Sunday: Daddy Interrupt-us!

  1. antoinettemsmut

    Six sentences, and I’m totally hot and bothered. Given the incest, Oedipus seems appropriate.

    The thing that always gets me about Greek tragedies, if just one person had comprised, they wouldn’t end with everyone dead.


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