Sideboob to end all sideboob

Nominated for Emmeline’s posse! A short scene from who-knows-where: A sexy, showy sylph strides through a shopping mall wearing a crazy tank-top. This may have started as a creeper video, but by the end she’s twirling for the camera.

It is sideboob to end all sideboob (no naughty bits are shown).

She’s on her way to some kind of madcap adventure with a slightly loopy smile on her face. She’s already collecting attention, and the adrenaline rush puts a loose sway in her walk. Before the end of the night, she will have inspired a hundred men to wish they were stronger-smarter-richer-better-braver. Before the end of the night, a rock band will write a song about her. She’s the muse in the mall.

Women like Emmeline are out there in the world, stalking your libido in short-shorts.



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