Review: The Alien’s Army: Alien Egg Implantation

Short story review: The Alien's Army: Alien Egg Implantation, by Sierra Chambers.

Short story review: The Alien’s Army: Alien Egg Implantation, by Sierra Chambers.

Premise 1: I’ve always been something of a sci-fi connaisseur, except that I can’t spell that word. Just sound it out, and you’ll know what I’ve always been something of.

Premise 2: Erotica is the great under-acknowledged steam engine of ebook sales on Amazon. This means that the humble erotica author is driving our society toward a technological golden age. We contribute less to technology adoption than the porn industry, but more than, say, technically enabled husbands of hotwives.

So when the erotic supply lines firm up for Google Glass, erotica writers will be somewhere around #2 or #3 in terms of making it a mass market product. Everybody will buy a Google Glass, but they’ll make dumb-ass justifications while secretly downloading gigabytes of porn and stories. Nobody will acknowledge this. All we’ll see from the other side of the glasses are heaving breasts or a giant erection, while the wearer claims to be playing Candy Crush.


Because I love sci-fi, I picked up “The Alien’s Army: Alien Egg Implantation” by Sierra Chambers. Because I like supporting hardworking erotica authors, here’s a quick review!

“The Alien’s Army: Alien Egg Implantation” is billed as a tentacle / implantation / instant pregnancy story, which is not my thing, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I totally liked it. Maybe tentacles are my thing. The story itself is fast and readable at 5,000 words; you can finish it in an afternoon, though you might find yourself taking a break in the middle to cool off. The story packs a nice wallop, with implantation, pregnancy, egg-laying, and not one but two different kinds of tentacle adventures. All of it culminating in the sci-fi version of an alpha-male/billionaire romance.

Hanna Winters is a futuristic Lara Croft-type mercenary who takes the dangerous jobs nobody else can handle. Unfortunately for Hanna, nobody’s hiring at the moment, and her overdue bills are piling up. So when a mysterious alien flunkie offers her a million crowns to travel to a distant planet and meet its boss for a job, she has to agree. She knows something is “off” with the offer, but she figures she can handle it.

Jump-cut to the planet, where things quickly go wrong. The natives are very “friendly”, if that’s the word, and Hanna loses her clothing piece by piece. When she finally gets to the boss round, she finds a verrrry interesting alpha warlord who makes an offer she doesn’t expect.

This is a quick, fun read, and it reminded me of early pulp sci-fi. Note: “The Alien’s Army” will not change the direction of western literature (in fairness, it doesn’t try to be fancy). One or two lines of dialog are clunkers, but those may have been intentional because they add to the story’s campy charm.

This story is fast-moving and entertaining. The sex is full of interesting details, and I now get the point of becoming a semi-consenting alien spawn point. More than a few women I know would probably sell their house to buy tickets to Planet X, just to meet Hanna’s sexy love interest. His “tool” has the most fabulous add-on you can imagine.

If you don’t think you like tentacles, this is a great story to try. If you DO like tentacles, what are you waiting for? Give it a read!

An actual poster you can buy on eBay.

An actual poster you can buy on eBay!

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