Practice your downblouse peeking skills

Don’t get caught looking! In this free web game, you (a male) share a couch with some off-limits chick and experience a world of fail at keeping your eyes to yourself.


I like this game not because it’s fun or challenging, but because that’s one psycho bitch on the couch.

I mean, what’s her deal!? I have constructed a backstory for her:

She has lost all her possessions in a house fire, obviously, or she would have changed her top hours ago. She can’t believe you’d take advantage of her in this way! Even the firemen who rescued her from the inferno glanced at her chest—and they are public servants!

Another explanation is that she’s mentally disturbed with a hair trigger, and if she senses your attraction she will cut you. The good news: She’s probably single and amazing in bed. The bad news: If you don’t get lucky you’re getting gouged in the eyes.

I think “crazy” is more likely. Conventional wisdom says don’t stick your dick in crazy …Unless she just set her house on fire, which means she’s exiting her manic phase and you can approach.

Don’t get caught looking—a free online game.

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