Scordamaglia Oops!

Nominated for Emmeline’s Possé! You need to sit down for this. Then put a pillow in your lap to catch your jaw. Jenny Scordamaglia is a model/reporter for Miami TV (here is their Youtube channel, with 372 videos) who grew up in Colombia and apparently never developed body shame like I did.

Jenny Scordamaglia interviews two indifferent men

Jenny Scordamaglia interviews two indifferent men

Night after night, she strolls around in flimsy, showy outfits that reveal most of her tan, lovely skin. Skin which should rightfully be mine. She interviews men and women, nightclub patrons, celebrities, museum curators, you name it. She does highly public interviews on the street, chats up people at concerts—all while her clothes slide off, gape open, curtain apart, or flip up over her ass.

It’s as if a dozen horny teenage boys
with telekinetic powers are
watching from offscreen.

Most amazingly, none of her subjects seem to get distracted by her ridiculous outfits. She’s not ogled, groped, or assaulted. She’s chirpy, funny, and engaging. She’s a charmer who could captivate you in a turtleneck.

Takeaway message: Jenny demonstrates how to be ridiculously showy but not slutty. Next time you want to wear your American Apparel dress without a bra, just remember Jenny and the other members of Emmeline’s Possé, and know it can be done.

Pro life tip:
Wear one of Jenny’s blouses to the grocery store
for a  good cardio workout while you shop!
(Assuming your heart doesn’t explode from anxiety.)

Here is a a safe-for-work but not-safe-for-dropping-jaws video of one of Jenny’s interviews:


Follow-up from April 2013: She’s still at it!

Jenny Scordamaglia is oops-alicious. Turns out she does this a lot!

Jenny Scordamaglia is oops-alicious. Turns out she does this a lot!

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  1. antoinettemsmut

    I rocked the braless look for a while. I was letting a tattoo on my left side heal, and didn’t want to mess up the scab with a tight fitting bra, so I got some snug undershirts to wear. Now, I’m about a c-cup (well outside of the it’s-cool-to-be-braless range) and holy crap did the men stare. I think I was their surprise on their morning bus ride. I probably would have gotten less looks at a club. The tattoo did heal nicely.

    1. lindseybedder

      Tattoo: “If you like THIS, you will LOVE my stories published on Amazon for Kindle.” (In fancy script.)

      Ya know, it sounds like you have a way of garnering a lot of attention, and perhaps driving some sales. Did we know about that? Is using sex in a sales pitch a common “thing” these days? Since when?

  2. RaceJay

    From some ‘members-only’ videos that i’ve seen, i can assure you that she does not wear any underpanties either.
    The free and relaxed attitude of hers while strolling around in this outfits is only maintain by a group of 4 to 5 bodyguards that you dont see on camera, which are sent by her loving husband and TV station boss, Enrico Betoglio.

  3. John Felix Koziol

    I really admire Jenny for just literally letting everything she has all hang out the way that she does in a “I’m-just-being-me-and-this-is-who-I-am” way. However, there was one pervert who happened to take advantage of her switching her mic from the hand that blocked her right breast which was on the outside to her left breast, thereby leaving her right breast completely in the clear to be grabbed and squeezed which is exactly what this slimeball did as he walked by. You could tell from watching the video that he intentionally waited for this kind of an opportunity and then pounced once he had it. Jenny’s eyes widened a bit in surprise since she, of course, wasn’t expecting this to happen to her. Being the true professional that she is, however, she just kept right on talking with the person she was interviewing at the time and didn’t let what had just happened to her upset her or the fluidity of the interview.

    1. jonathan

      she has been asked a few times if people could touch her butt and her replies have always been positive “go ahead I don’t mind if people do that”. she obviously doesn’t care if people touch her.


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