Life in a flickr photo stream

blonde mom1 from flickrNew possé member! blonde mom1 is a lovely woman who has shared the spectrum of her life in 300 pictures. For what it’s worth, men respond verry well to her.

Personally, I marvel at her poise. She has that social-media skill of being able to control her message… she patiently slaps down pictures of her life like they’re Tarot Cards. Her impeccable flickr feed presents a dreamworld where people can do mundane, lifey things but their hair is never bad.

This is why the voices in my head voted her into Emmeline’s Posse: The part of her life that she shares on flickr is a work of art.

More art after the jump…

I noticed blonde mom1 when my flickr friends favorited her early pictures. Like many young women, she was unsubtle, not that the world cares. Here she is as a full-press hot babe in public:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1


Out for dinner as a young-ish mom:

Flickr user blonde mom1 looking shellaqued


Funny memories from the adult world:

flickr user blonde mom1 with stripper, funny

By the time you’re in your mid-30s, you regret not spending your entire 20s in a white string bikini:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1 at a dance wearing nothing but a bikini

Are you on the run from the law? Because you’re killing that bikini.

You wish you’d run around in cheeky-shorts:

Picture of Flickr user blonde mom1 rocking some short shorts

The further back you go in life, the less encumbered you are. You haven’t mortgaged your sense of fun yet. You feel tremulously excited that you can stop traffic by wearing a thin shirt:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1 without bra in thin shirt, looking demure...

Once you’ve captured the attention of the world with your lightning-bolt 20s, you settle in for the long haul. You pass through milestones like weddings.

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1 modeling a wedding gownYour daughter grows older…and then camera-ready just like you. Her daughter changes age through the flickr stream (and blonde mom1 asks people to be polite). The young woman is interesting for how she echoes blonde mom1 herself:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1's lovely daughterAs you get older, you stop posing in bars and worry about your real job. Maybe you teach:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1 teaching

Life beats us all down, but you prioritize remaining glamorous:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1 eating

Despite all your care, the photo stream of your life turns into a river of selfies. Where is the fascinated man who used to take all your pictures?

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1 taking picture of herself

And every now and then, life slips you get a self-aware, self-commenting moment that makes you grin:

Picture of flickr user blonde mom1's daughter looking at someone with a retro phone like he's crazy

Life is a river. Thank you, blonde mom1, for being a hot role model!

Flickr: Visit blonde mom1’s Photostream.

5 Comments Life in a flickr photo stream

  1. Msimone

    What a pity that the profile is a fake. Probably she doesn’t knows that someone is publishing her photos and the another girl.

    1. Lindsey Bedder

      WUT? Really? But the photostream is so tranquil and uncluttered! It makes me feel peaceful and slightly outclassed. What could possibly be the motivation to fake this profile? (I know it’s not easy to be sure, but do you have proof or a strong suspicion?)

      1. Msimone

        Yes i casually have discovered her real profile, on instagram. The reality is that some photos of another girl that don’ t have nothing in common are published in the same profile. She have only one daughter the other older is another profile.

        1. Msimone

          If you look carefully the older daughter don’t compare never in the same photo with the blonde mom and the young daughter.

          1. Jess

            Can you give us link to the owner of those pictures?
            It will be proof you are not liar and then we can follow the real person not just fake. 🙂

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