Interview with Gael, an Irritable Scottish Hunk

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Irritable Scottish fetish club owners—rent your own awesome kilt at the amazing! You, too, can be like Gael.

Welcome to the Hero’s Blog Hop, in which we write a post from the POV of one of our heros! (Prizes and other links are at the bottom of this post.)

Today I sit down with Gilleathain Lachlainn Ceannaideach, of the Clan MacGillivray—or Gael, if you’re not a masochist—to see what makes him tick.

The story is Yellow Summer (publishing soon!), and Gael is the proprietor of Club Kind, a plucky young fetish club trying to establish itself in a rough Chicago university neighborhood.

Our heroine, Lanna, gets a job at Club Kind and trains to be the Bathroom Girl. Along the way she finds inner peace, outer strength, and an unlikely love with our damaged hero.

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Gael, thanks for agreeing to this interview, and for letting me pop into your fictional world.

Gael: I don’t have a choice. You created me. Why am I in my bathroom wrapped in a towel?

We’re working on a “slice of life” angle for this interview. “The real Gael.” Wait—is that really all you have in your shower? Just shampoo? No conditioning product or skin softener?

You gave me thick hair, good looks, and great skin. You must be compensating for something in your life.

No, ha-ha. But if you’re writing about a capable, irascible Scottish entrepreneur, you might as well make him hot too, right?

You’re pretty old, Lindsey. Does it matter by this point if I’m hot? Isn’t ‘alive’ good enough for you nowadays?

I only heard “You’re pretty.”

Your story puts Lanna, Smeer, and me into some sordid situations. I would have thought you’d be younger. Less responsible. With more heat and juice in you.

This interview is in your imagination, and you’re wearing sweat pants and a BP t-shirt stained with tomato sauce. Were you imagination-eating a pizza before the interview started?

I was hungry. And I’m not very old—I’m only 30. 34 if you go by my birthday. How old are you?

I’m 26 and a millionaire and a landowner in both Scotland and Chicago. And since I’m a piece of wish fulfillment for you, I’m guessing you aren’t a millionaire and you don’t own land? Or a castle?

Or a night club full of shirtless men who are ripped like a parachute accident?

Gael, you often get frustrated. Like now. Why is that?

Gael: “Why is she just staring at me? I wish she’d send me a signal or something.”

For one, I hate people asking questions. For two, you already know the answer. I have trouble keeping up with people. I’m not face-blind, but I can’t read faces.

I have a huge problem understanding non-verbal communication. 90% of all human communication is non-verbal, so I am always out of the loop. I hate it. It’s exhausting.

By the way, I never thanked you for that wonderful gift.

So what if I did this? 😉

What if you did what?



😛     >8()    🙂

If you’re just going to sit there can I assume the interview is over?

You have Asperger Syndrome.

I don’t believe I do, but I admit it’s possible. I think the world is insane and it eludes rational inspection.

That includes the woman I love. Really—how am I supposed to figure Lanna out? She teases the customers. She goes to far in the men’s bathroom. She has wardrobe malfunctions. She’s completely obsessed with pee in every form. She yells back at me when I yell at her. She’s still dating that jerk Smeer.

Yet we can’t get enough of each other. We spend as much time together as we can. Who could possibly understand that, Aspergers or not?

Yeah, yeah. Boo-hoo. I bet you get it sorted out in the end.

I don’t see how. I’m losing the club to some evil land speculators. The girl I love confuses and frustrates me to no end. I have all these employees I care about and I can’t keep them safe.

That sounds terrible.

You think?

You have a kicking body, though.

I work hard and eat right… Now if we’re done, I am very busy watching my life go down the tubes.

Show me your collection of kilts.

Oh. There’s always time for that. Right this way.


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    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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    1. lindseybedder

      Gaele — that’s crazy! What I know about Scottish clans can be written on the back of a stamp, which is then stuck to an envelope and delivered to No-cluesville (or, in Scotland, Cretinburgh). That I got a Gaele and a MacGillivray together in a story, and it also happened in real life, is a massive win for me! I wish you luck for the give-aways!

  2. Carin W

    I love an interview with a man in a towel :O) Thanks for your part in the hop, Carin

  3. Susan W.

    Interviewing a character in his towel! Love it! Not to far from having a kilt on just not as nice looking.


  4. wolphcall

    Gael is definitely a good hero. As a mother of two children who have been diagnosed with classic autism, his difficulties touch me on a very personal level.

    Lisa G

  5. Molly Frenzel

    You had me at “scottish.” I love scottish accents and Gael sounds devine!

  6. June M.

    Gotta love a sexy, kinky Kilt wearing Scottish man. I would love to find me one of those in real life, LOL. Thanks so much for the interview, for taking part in the blog hop, & for the giveaway.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    Oh, Liked your FB page: June Manning

  7. arswthrt

    Loved the interview and definitely agree with June above about sexy, kinky, kilt wearing Scottish men. YUM! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for being part of this great blog hop. I follow you on FB- Christine Sheets


  8. Jessica

    Thank you for the chance to win! Trapper & Emmeline looks really interesting! I liked you on facebook I didn’t see how to get a copy.. Thanks again!


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