Ideas for editing while DRIVING… GO!

#AmWriting, I need ideas for how to edit stories while driving long distances. Computer can be used. Passengers can be frightened but not terrified. Survival is key outcome.

I.e., hands-free, eyes-on-road, single ear-plug highway driving. Is it even possible?


(Also, standing while pooping: feasible?)

1 Comment Ideas for editing while DRIVING… GO!

  1. antoinettemsmut

    Please don’t kill yourself. Talking on the phone while driving is dangerous, and how often do you pay attention on a phone conversation?

    Parent: Can I get that barbeque recipe you use?

    Child: My daffodils are blooming!

    Parent: So, yeah, that recipe…

    Child: DAFFODILS!

    Also, a few of my daffodils are out today. Squee!


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