Hey ya’ll, I was just deflowered!

Scene from my interview with Virginia Flowers. It stopped working halfway through! Ugh, I’m so non-technical. She recommended I switch to email instead.

As if you need another reason to visit Virigina Flowers’s blog — I’m featured over there today!! Yep! I can finally delete this blog because I’ve made it to the big time. (Sample book: The Interview (Confessions of an IT Stud) by Virginia Flowers.)

In my interview, I go Full Metal Lindsey on topics that range from writing, through pee-empowerment, my memories of how awesome I was in college, metrosexual men with man-ginas, my new Trapper and Emmeline book (free today at a fine ebookstore near you), and good Romance character names (three syllables are the best). Along the way I talk about myself very frequently.

I talk about my writing process Yellow Summer, a pee story due to splatter onto the market sometime this summer:

I conducted pee research [late-breaking joke: peesearch]. I hid in the shower and then jumped out while DH was peeing and screamed at him to give me some yellow love. (Okay, martinis played a part in my planning.) Over the course of a few weeks of this, DH’s bladder turned “shy,” so I had to take my research to the Internet. There I found, as you might expect, lots of people covered in urine.

I also advise to settle your life goals before you get too old. Just because they’re your official goals in life doesn’t mean  you have to do anything about them. I was lucky because my Middle-school teacher told me I should be a writer, and that shaped my destiny in no way whatsoever. From the interview:

Seriously: what if you finally realize at 50, with four kids in college, that your life’s ambition was to be a stripper? Are your breasts going to crawl back up to your chest? Not in a million years (but if they do, tell me your secret). In your case, 50 is much too late to start living your dream. Your middle-school English teacher should have told you, “Not so much for you with the writing. How about taking off your clothes for truckers?”

Oh yes, I drop truth-bombs like a predator drone. On learning to write erotica:

So I started in erotica because it was easy; I stayed because [it] kept kicking my butt! How much did I have to learn? My first erotica ebook story didn’t even have a sexual encounter in it! It had sexual “situations,” making it the the kind of erotica they might sell in a XXX Bookstore in Disney Land. You can buy the story on Amazon if you’re keyed up and horny, and you need story that will calm you way the fuck down so you can finish that hand of solitaire.

(That story, Teasing in the Park, in’t really that bad, but I would sell my children for a good joke. The story is free on Smashwords.com!)

Go visit Virginia Flowers today!! As you can see, it’s full of wisdom of the ages!! And so is her blog! It’s full of candy and sex.

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