Ghosts of my Confederates….

Every year we grow fewer.

Every year we grow fewer.

Today I’m playing hooky from life for a few hours. I found a nice, semi-isolated Confederate Cemetery to do my morning writing. It is nothing short of fabulous. I even feel like someone is looking over my shoulder. Actually, it’s that weird humming feeling I get when I think the guy in front of me is looking down my shirt. Horny ghosts?

I think my Confederates will be in for a shock, based on the story I’m writing this morning. It’s about a college girl who gets paid by a millionaire to be a low-class prostitute… So yeah, I’m trying an autobiography. (Haha.) Enjoy, Confederate ghosts!

My recent sources of anxiety, and how I’m fixing them:

  • I haven’t updated this blog recently! That fact makes me anxious!! I owe so many things to so many friends and readers…
    • Fix: It’s summer for me! I’m starting to catch up with everything!
  • I have wonderful news and several blog posts already written… but life is crazazy busy! I don’t have time to polish them and post them.
    • Fix: Last night I found a way to polish them, so, yay! Things will start rolling again.
  • A good buddy of mine, Antoinette M–, launched some fabulous ebooks that I’m dying to tell you about.
    • Fix: She and I have an interview coming up! Stay tuned!
  • I unpublished several old stories because I’m a better story-teller now
    • Fix: I’m publishing them again as better stories! I’m getting close on them…
  • I miss you all, mwah!
    • Fix: You’ll get more of me (sorry).

Upcoming topics on this blog:

  • New health information about consuming urine! From China!
  • Messy: Just look what my readers do with their hands.
  • A post about how I non-consensually edited my early writing, and how my early writing turns out to love it. My early writing is so submissive and willing to be used!
  • Question: Why the hell do semi-isolated Confederate Cemeteries have wireless connectivity?


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