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Smutwriter's Anthology: Short Smut Volume 2

Smutwriter’s Anthology: Short Smut Volume 2 (Free except on Amazon.)

I told you I was a big deal.

  • Here’s the good news: My ridiculously hot eromantica short, Carnie Ride is available in the Smutwriter’s II Anthology!
  • Here’s the bad news, which is simply more good news: To get to my story Carnie Ride, you have to read through 11 other ridiculously hot short stories in genres like femdom, bdsm, menage, exhibitionism, shifting, and paranormal. Authors like Skye Warren and Aubrey Watt (and me!) start you up like a bad day and finish you like a plate of spaghetti. (A sexy plate of spaghetti.)
  • More good news: It’s free! (Except Amazon for now…)
  • Here’s just a news tidbit: I think I invented that word “eromantica” as a genre.
  • This just in: I didn’t invent “eromantica” as a genre. Here is an eromantican listing on GoodReads. Glad we settled that!

The Smutwriters are the band of erotica-writing geniuses who publish the Smutwriters Magazine.

It bears repeating:

Our erotica will start you like a bad day and finish you like a plate of spaghetti.

Links, author and back cover blurb after the jump! 

The blurbage:

From comes a wide, sexy selection of twelve stories, including BDSM, ménage, and exhibitionism. A kinky couple brings a third into their relationship. A brother seduces death to save his brother. A French maid catches the interest of her lord. Enjoy today’s hottest erotica authors at their hottest with this free anthology. Warning: explicit content.


THE WEEKEND by Skye Warren (bdsm)
PARTY FAVORS by Aubrey Watt (ménage)
CHIKAN: TAKEN IN PUBLIC ON THE MORNING TRAIN by Ellen Dominick (exhibitionism)
CARNIE RIDE by Lindsey Flinch Bedder (contemporary)
BLACK WINGS by Joy Laforce (paranormal)
EDELWEISS by Virginia Flowers (contemporary)
COUSIN EMILY COMES TO STAY by Sera Belle (historical)
THE DREAMS OF VIOLETTA by Antoinette M— (historical)
SELECTION FROM SHIFTER IN ASCENT by Vivian. Wood (paranormal)
THE RAVE by William Cooper (m/m)
Grab the Smutwriters Short Smut Volume 2 anthology today! Free at these fine online booksellers. Click one:

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(Amazon is $0.99 unless they price match to free!)

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