Emmeline has a Possé

3D-coverSome readers have asked whether Emmeline is too good to be true. Nopes! My goal was to realistically capture a woman who was trying to be perfect in that way—not just her adventures, and her affect on men, and her love of her boyfriend, but also the deep psychological plumbing that lets her be happy and proud of herself too.

Emmeline has a possé: men and women who flaunt like she does.

Unfortunately Emmy is a fictional character, so her possé is just a bunch of web finds. But you get the idea: Emmeline is not too good to be true. There are Emmelines all over the place. Heck, when I was younger… never mind.

NOTE: These pictures, videos, and links don’t have nudity or sex (the rest of the interweb is for those). But they have pretty women and unclad men. So they are safe for most work places but your mileage will vary.

The Possé

More possé coming as they get their nerve

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