Trapper and Emmeline

Two smart-ass college kids invent a new way to love.
Trapper and Emmeline 
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“The sex is hot, and the writing has a wonderful verve to it. Lindsey’s metaphors always seem to hit out of left field, and she builds this chaotic ebullient world ruled by two sex gods, Trapper and Emmeline.”
— On Goodreads

“I was very much interested to see what they would come up with next to push the limits of their sexual games and I was drawn into the excitement, wondering if they would be able to push further in the game.” — On Goodreads

“I like the the chemistry between Trapper and Emmeline. I feel that the Emmeline’s character needs to be developed further because she’s mysteriously hot. I am waiting for another story from this author.”
— On Amazon

Trapper and Emmeline
A Romantic and Depraved Love Story for the Ages

Book cover of Trapper & Emmeline

He’s a recovering good guy. She’s maxing life on borrowed time.

Their hearts were pure.
Their romance was depraved.

Trapper and Emmeline are two smart-ass college kids inventing a new way to be in love. She is lovely, trusting, and fun—but a dark part of Trapper wants to break her innocence, and see her warm smile tainted with animal lust.

He leads her down a path of fantasy and mind-blowing sex. With each passing week their adventures escalate until all of Manhattan becomes part of their foreplay. They ignite sparks with strangers, and then burn like  road flares between the sheets.

Before long, Trapper realizes he is no longer leading the way, and maybe he never was. His heart in her hand, Emmeline steers them on a crash-and-burn, take-no-prisoners descent into the darkest corners of lust: open promiscuity, public displays, multiple partners, total availability. He braces for impact, wondering what will survive when they finally hit bottom.

Trapper and Emmeline, a tale about the war between insatiable passion and enduring romance.

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