Carnie Ride (Audiobook)

CARNIE RIDE is the unlikely, unsentimental, post-hip,
post-cynical erotic romance about how Lightie meets Deemer.
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(The audiobook does not have background music! My sound guy got a little excited.)

What if your life was a big mistake?

Carnie Ride audiobook

CARNIE RIDE: Now with three people on the cover!!

Lightie’s life is off the rails. Once the toast of her small southern town, she’s now an exhausted waitress and a lonely single mother. Deemer is the towering Apache Indian carnival worker who can’t tear his gaze off her.

She’s suspicious of the world, and the world is suspicious of him. On a hot southern night, they make an unlikely connection.

Lightie crashes the carnival in a tight dress and chunky heels, daring herself to feel alive again. She causes a sensation, just like when she was younger. Only this time it’s better. She’s more in control and she knows what she wants.

What she wants is that striking, green-eyed Apache Indian who’d made her heart race earlier that day.

He towered over her at six-foot-damn and outweighed her like a farm vehicle, but her hunger steered the kisses.

Come along for the ride. There’s just something so right about how two wrong people can fit together.

What if your big mistake is what prepares you for true love?

Note: Carnie Ride has scenes of grown-up love. It’s not for readers under 18 unless they live in the South.  (Read an excerpt on the book page.)

i loved it. i love how it shows the point of view of a pretty person. most times people see pretty people and think they are spoiled or assume life is easier for them because their pretty. it was nice to see a different view. the same with the male lead. not all large tatted up men are dangerous. looks and actions are different. i got two more of [Lindsey’s] books because i like her storylines, flow of words and character build. the stories are good as well. —Amazon review

Narrated by Candice Rans

Portrait of Candice Rans, NarratorWho is that amazing voice!? I don’t know how we swung it, but our narrator is Candice Rans!

When I first heard Candice read, I thought: “Here’s a woman who gets the flow of my ridiculous writing!”

That’s not an easy thing. The medical term for my writing is: arrhythmic. If my writing was a heartbeat, you’d say the story was getting raped by a shaved mountain lion. (See what I mean?) When you read my prose aloud, my stories trip your tongue, and then kick your tongue’s ass.

But Candice’s narration has this warm, knowing quality and the perfect trace high-southern accent accent. She reads like an early Jodie Foster, or Mary Stuart Masterson’s Idgie character from Fried Green Tomatoes. You’d lend her voice your car, because her voice is one of your college buddies and you two go way back.

She’s throaty, confident, and no nonsense, but still very feminine. This was crucial in capturing the main character, because Lightie is so done with all that “I’m a girl” stuff… but deep down, she yearns to come back. Candice’s voice holds forbearance, rejection, and promise.

Candice Rans is a star!

Candice Rans tears up stages all over the country. Her concert videos own youtube like she’s the Only Girl in the World, and you want to Just Dance when you hear her. Listen too long and you’ll be at The Edge of Glory, you better Don’t Stop Believin’. Are you on Facebook? (Then like my page, dammit!) Here’s a fb video of Candice owning the Thomas Mack Arena in Las Vegas. Here, she’s singing with Gavin DeGraw during Dancing with the Stars, Season 14 (the best season).

Find more of Candice at

About the Author

This story had to be written! It’s Lindsey’s ode to her misspent youth, written from the mature perspective of her misspent adulthood. Since it’s a project of love, it’s a bit more autobiographical, and a bit less kinky than some of Lindsey’s other stories. You have been warned. 🙂

Lindsey usually writes adventurous, character-driven erotica and erotic romance. She loves female provocateurs, teasers, and tramps, and specializes in regretful college episodes for readers in the New Adult market (20+ years old).

Lindsey is married with four kids, and alternates between NYC and Tennessee residences.

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