Angela and the Big Park Tease

How far would you go for the boy of your dreams?
Angela and the Big Park Tease

Tyler is charming and confident, and he has great hair. Moreover, he makes Angela feel funny and sexy. His only problem is that he’s a nice guy with a bad guy’s taste in women.

Angela says, “Challenge accepted!” She always thought she’d make an excellent bad girl, and now she has an excuse. She digs deep into her inner slut to become the slinky femme fatale show-off who will win Tyler over.

Their crucial first date goes down in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. Surrounded by the business lunch crowd, Angela captures Tyler’s attention with tricks, teasing, and confessions. She’s funny and he’s charming, but to really seal the deal, she’s going have to… perform.

    Angela and the Big Park Tease

is the funny, erotic, and romantic story of a hot first date in public. This story explores excessive PDA, exhibitionism, body writing, and intimacy in full public view. It is not intended for those uncomfortable with the lustful gazes of strangers or the light touch of their fingers on your flesh, or for readers under eighteen.

(This story was first published as ‘Teasing in the Park’ but was completely rewritten in 2013.)

Angela and the Big Park Tease

I invited myself to Tyler’s apartment to watch football with his friends. I put a face on, and tricked myself out in sexy-city-casual garb. Even better, I brought along a tray of homemade lasagna.

“Heck yeah you can come in,” said the very tall cutie who answered Tyler’s door. He had two more friends on the couch in front of the TV. I squeezed between them and they didn’t mind.

Through the next three quarters of play, they hit on me from every direction. Even the married guy had a hand on my knee.

Tyler enjoyed watching the genial tussle for my body. Clue number one.

Clue number two came when I cornered the tall friend. His smile went from predatory to frightened when I pushed him into the bathroom.

“Are we really doing this?” he asked.

“No, jerk. Tell me what kind of girl Tyler likes.”

“So no kinky bathroom sex? Okay.” His anxiety evaporated. I’ll never understand men. “Tyler likes slutty girls. Show-offs. Teases. Girls who sleep around.”

That rocked me back on my heels. “But he’s so nice!”

Tall Guy only smiled. “He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He sold his car when I needed money. But women chase him all the time and get nowhere. He has a dozen girls just like you. We call them ‘Rachels.'”

“That’s so awesome to hear,” I grated.

“I’ve never seen him go for the kind of woman he deserves. His fatal weakness is that he wants a turbo-slut.”

“Turbo-slut,” I mused. Who was I fooling? I didn’t even weigh the pros and cons. “Challenge accepted.”

“You don’t know what you’re getting into,” Tall Guy started-but I blocked his mouth with mine. I don’t remember deciding to kiss him, but once I was in it, I brought the awesome.

Since he was so tall, I had to climb him like a trellis. My body pressed against him, and he liked that, if you know what I mean. Erection.

“Why?” he asked, when I pulled away.

“Sluts advertise by word of mouth,” I said. “Leave my lipstick smeared on your face. Make sure Tyler sees it. Anybody asks, tell them I kissed you. And that it was sloppy-hot. And that my breath was fresh.”

He edged past me to the bathroom door. “I’m being used.”

“You don’t get it, Slim. This is war.”

“It’s not really war, Angela.”

As I hoped, the kiss was big news among the guys. Now that they knew I was ‘in play,’ they redoubled their efforts. I had more hands on me than trail mix.

Moreover, Tyler joined in. He sat next to me on the couch. I suggested meeting for lunch, and finally locked him down.

It was a date.

I knew I had to bring my game. Make it or break it.

This was one of my first stories! When I released it, it didn’t have any sex in it, and the kissing scene was a spitting scene. A mere 12 months and 10 rewrites later, and it’s a hot, mature, show-off story!

Angela and the Big Park TeaseTeasing in the Park

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