Cheer the Winners of the Audio Book!

Everybody else, prepare to cry.

Sorry to everybody who didn't win! This won't sound good, but I'm really bad at saying "no" to people!

Sorry to everybody who didn’t win! This won’t sound good, but I’m really bad at saying “no” to you guys. (Pictured: The coffee mug I’ve always wanted is seeing another woman!)

If you’re on my newsletter then you received the announcement that my steamy southern short-story Carnie Ride (ebook, audio) is out as out as an audiobook

(You’re not on my newsletter!? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Go ahead and join. It’s not like I remember to write more than three times a year…)

In my newsletter I offered free download codes to people who could read past my slapdash marketing text. Many of you succeeded, many entered, few won.

Here are the fabulous, lucky winners, names redacted:

  • Gaele …
  • Chuck …
  • The mysterious “L L”

Congratulations! (If you love the story, please go and write a review. The more positive press the story receives, the more the narrator benefits, and she was fabulous and deserves the world!)

Wheee—I just love when people beg. Look at this fabulous, life-affirming (my life, at least) message of beseeching I received:

If its not to late (being on the West coast….. )

PLEASE, PLEASE …. put me into the lucky pile or hat to win a CODE!!!!!

I am on my KNEES…. tied up, ready to be spanked!!!!!

BEGGING… Wink wink…

love and kisses with a few licks…..

— from “C.G.”

Thank you, C.G.! A world of yes. Have a code. 🙂

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