Topless Book Club Lives My Art


You know you’re getting old when some of your most prized and adventurous moments from your 20’s can now be accomplished in a fucking reading circle.

Meet the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society. My awesome Facebook buddy K.Z., who might just know my work better than I do, sent me this HuffPo link to a story about a 95% female book club that meets around Manhattan, goes topless, and reads books together.

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Sloppy Seconds: Rewriting My Early Stories

I recently got a bug up my ass, and rewrote my first four erotica stories! I’m talking 90% word replacement, people. They are fresh and new… you’ll be reading late-2012 Lindsey, not early-2012 Lindsey. The stories are now connected, and contain the growing love story between Angela and her boyfriend Tyler. They’re being edited now, and will re-launch sometime this month!

In other news, I’m done with the bug if anybody needs it.

If you want to see the reloaded early Lindsey stories, they’ll be free on Smashwords and I’ll announce their release on my mailing list. (Join it my mailing list—top right of this page!)

Here are the first versions of the new ebook covers for the “Angela’s Adventures” series. They’re just draft versions, so I’m using image comps from the fabulous 123rf stock site (hence the ‘copyright’ watermark):


My famous erotica story without sex. Now it has sex, ya’ll!


I tried to find a sexy hangover photo but couldn’t. The closest I got was abs. Abs. Abs.


This one’s a little classier, he’s wearing a tie.


Here is Mr. Abs again, but now he’s dressed like a mover.


Or you can get all four at once, for the low, low price of abs. Abs. Abs. But seriously, abs.

Are these covers awesome? Nonawesome? Abs-solutely f-abs-ulous? Fail? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Scordamaglia Oops!

Nominated for Emmeline’s Possé! You need to sit down for this. Then put a pillow in your lap to catch your jaw. Jenny Scordamaglia is a model/reporter for Miami TV (here is their Youtube channel, with 372 videos) who grew up in Colombia and apparently never developed body shame like I did.

Jenny Scordamaglia interviews two indifferent men

Jenny Scordamaglia interviews two indifferent men

Night after night, she strolls around in flimsy, showy outfits that reveal most of her tan, lovely skin. Skin which should rightfully be mine. She interviews men and women, nightclub patrons, celebrities, museum curators, you name it. She does highly public interviews on the street, chats up people at concerts—all while her clothes slide off, gape open, curtain apart, or flip up over her ass.

It’s as if a dozen horny teenage boys
with telekinetic powers are
watching from offscreen.

Most amazingly, none of her subjects seem to get distracted by her ridiculous outfits. She’s not ogled, groped, or assaulted. She’s chirpy, funny, and engaging. She’s a charmer who could captivate you in a turtleneck.

Takeaway message: Jenny demonstrates how to be ridiculously showy but not slutty. Next time you want to wear your American Apparel dress without a bra, just remember Jenny and the other members of Emmeline’s Possé, and know it can be done.

Pro life tip:
Wear one of Jenny’s blouses to the grocery store
for a  good cardio workout while you shop!
(Assuming your heart doesn’t explode from anxiety.)

Here is a a safe-for-work but not-safe-for-dropping-jaws video of one of Jenny’s interviews:


Follow-up from April 2013: She’s still at it!

Jenny Scordamaglia is oops-alicious. Turns out she does this a lot!

Jenny Scordamaglia is oops-alicious. Turns out she does this a lot!

Finally! Creepy invasive candid photos of men!

SubwayCrush is a pictoblog site where women send in creepy photos of men they see on the subway. That’s an immediate Lindsey Flinch Bedder Subscribe! moment. Darn, I just put my finger through another Enter key.

Picture of handsome man on subway.

It’s so hard to get good lighting like this on the A!

Finally, a candid photo site that caters to invasive women instead of invasive men! The ladies of the internet finally appear on the scoreboard.  As we approach year 20 of the  World Wide Web, the score is 12,439,476 to 1. It’s a start. And a cute, candid, subway-ogling start at that!

Yes, women can use the internet. Now let me make fellatio-face near this phallic ketchup bottle.

Six Sentence Sunday: Meeting Tyler

It’s Six Sentence Sunday! Welcome to my blog place!!

Lately I’ve been considering revising and re-releasing all my stories, now that I have more experience with writing and publishing. Here is an updated passage from my story Teasing in the Park, where Angela meets Tyler at a party:

Tyler’s hair could have used some shampoo. He was tall but not big—he was lean, and when he moved, I could see the exact muscles and sinews that held him together. I wanted to trace them with my tongue. His flashy pirate loop-earring didn’t complete the picture very well at all except that I loved it—if he doesn’t sound sexy to you, then you can leave him all to me. He was a precision tool for turning my dial, and unlike some guys, he let me be the funny one. For once, I was the sexy, leggy, hair-curled, body-glittered, freaking funny girl who dominated the party.

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