Six Sentence Sunday: Meet the Sex Robot

It’s Six Sentence Sunday!

But I didn’t plan ahead… and I’m in the middle of the Romancing the Hop Bloghop! I’m publishing this below the RomHop, which you can find here.

In my latest completely absurd short story, Elvis is Telepresent, sexy doctor Kristen gets a very special anniversary present from her boyfriend. He’s traveling and can’t sex her up, so he enlists two med students to strap her into the remote-surgery operating table (aka the “Big Robot”). All the surgical arms have add-ons like dildos, nipple clamps, and sphincter snakes. Elvis is intent on giving her the world’s best orgasm from a thousand miles away.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Long Sentences

It’s Six Sentence Sunday! Welcome to my blog place!!
This post is 18+ Rated R!

At the beginning of last summer when I first started publishing, I had this wonderful idea to name my heroines after myself. Beginner mistake! When I read a scene, and say, “Would Lindsey really do that?” I have to answer, “Well yeah, duh!” It’s no help at all for generating believable characters. I am going through all my stories and removing that licentious harlot from all the scenes.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Meeting Tyler

It’s Six Sentence Sunday! Welcome to my blog place!!

Lately I’ve been considering revising and re-releasing all my stories, now that I have more experience with writing and publishing. Here is an updated passage from my story Teasing in the Park, where Angela meets Tyler at a party:

Tyler’s hair could have used some shampoo. He was tall but not big—he was lean, and when he moved, I could see the exact muscles and sinews that held him together. I wanted to trace them with my tongue. His flashy pirate loop-earring didn’t complete the picture very well at all except that I loved it—if he doesn’t sound sexy to you, then you can leave him all to me. He was a precision tool for turning my dial, and unlike some guys, he let me be the funny one. For once, I was the sexy, leggy, hair-curled, body-glittered, freaking funny girl who dominated the party.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Daddy Interrupt-us!

“You stand out there and ACT NATURAL. I will hide behind you and… ooh! What have we here? How delightful!”

In a passage that evokes the tapestry scene  in Hamlet (because we’re totally literary), Emmeline is having classy sex with an older family friend.

Suddenly her scary Greek construction-foreman father returns home!

She has to think fast or she and Uncle Stace (not her real uncle) will die mid-coitus in a nuclear explosion of Greek betrayal and rage not seen since [insert another classy Greek tragedy reference here].

It only took a moment for Uncle Stace to get into rhythm, but even so, my father was stomping toward us up the hall before Stace finally exploded in my pussy. The heat and wet in my belly compounded. I felt like I was a balloon filling up with cum. Stace closed the curtains between us but was still spurting into me when my father entered the room.

He looked at the expression on my face, which was probably one he’d never seen before. ….

Strangest hook-up ever! I thought.

Trapper and Emmeline, available at a fine e-proprietor near you.

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