Flirty streetwear at the Nasty Gal shop

Disclaimer: No, I’m not an affiliate for Nasty Gal, but I should be!!

Are casual clothes headed this way? Finally! I’m too young to have participated in the bra-less, halter top, no-HIV, half-shirted 1970’s. It finally looks like street fashion is doing a pivot back to cute + sexy and it’s about time. This fashion company just got on my radar: Nasty Gal. Despite the name they have some workable outfits!

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“So is that a Bible in your pocket?”

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Jenny Scordamaglia: More than the Queen of TV Nipslips

When I originally posted about Jenny Scordamaglia for the Emmeline’s Possé I thought she was a goofy, funny, sexy oddity. I was proud to have ‘discovered’ her in an internet full of hotties jockeying for attention.

Believe it or not, it’s hard to find new members for the possé — they can’t merely be attractive and prone to nipslips. They have to have something more going on. Jenny Scordamaglia is a good example: She’s sweet, charismatic, committed to her beliefs, and a fabulous interviewer. Obvious possé material.

It turns out I completely underestimated the scale of her… extroversion. She’s a phenomenon!

If you can resist a nipslip, it's a "nopeslip."

If you can resist a nipslip, it’s a “nopeslip.”

Here’s the angle: Jenny Scordamaglia dresses like a phone sex advertisement, but she chats you up like Ellen Degeneris. Whether you’re at the Cool Car Expo or Art Basel Miami, when she zooms through your eye-line with her microphone and a thousand-watt smile, you drop your jaw. When she puts you in front of the camera, you’re charmed and bedazzled.

In her videos, her subjects forget everything going on below her chin. Once, one of her interview subjects posted a video link on his Facebook page. His friend commented: “Good job keeping your eyes up!” and “Maintaining eye contact like a boss.”

Watch a few more videos: You might just begin to admire American manhood. She’s a walking neural-elasticity test. She’s what happens when your wet dream suddenly slaps you in the face and asks, “What motivates your creative process?” All that American manhood can do in this situation is disengage the babymaker circuit, and answer.

Is Jenny Scordamaglia the Queen of Nipslips?

Recently a Miami blog found the courage to ask Jenny Scordamaglia the hard questions nobody really wondered about:

Girl, do you know what’s going on?

Answer: She does.

So where’s the healthy dose of body shame?

Answer: It’s just my body. It’s just anatomy. These are just nipples.

Why don’t you use double-backed tape?

Answer: It gets messy and doesn’t work. (I bet more men wished more women agreed!)

The blog post doesn’t ask the crucial question: Does Jenny Scordamaglia go commando in those tiny skirts? Lucky for you, there is a broad scholarship on this subject. The unauthorized “highlight reels” come and go, but they’re not hard to find! Here are two links that will probably break soon:

You might as well go ahead and subscribe to her youtube channel or follow her on Twitter. You might click for the nipslips and the short skirts, but you stay because she’s simply awesome. (Via MiamiNewTimes Blog.)

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Ghosts of my Confederates….

Every year we grow fewer.

Every year we grow fewer.

Today I’m playing hooky from life for a few hours. I found a nice, semi-isolated Confederate Cemetery to do my morning writing. It is nothing short of fabulous. I even feel like someone is looking over my shoulder. Actually, it’s that weird humming feeling I get when I think the guy in front of me is looking down my shirt. Horny ghosts?

I think my Confederates will be in for a shock, based on the story I’m writing this morning. It’s about a college girl who gets paid by a millionaire to be a low-class prostitute… So yeah, I’m trying an autobiography. (Haha.) Enjoy, Confederate ghosts!

My recent sources of anxiety, and how I’m fixing them:

  • I haven’t updated this blog recently! That fact makes me anxious!! I owe so many things to so many friends and readers…
    • Fix: It’s summer for me! I’m starting to catch up with everything!
  • I have wonderful news and several blog posts already written… but life is crazazy busy! I don’t have time to polish them and post them.
    • Fix: Last night I found a way to polish them, so, yay! Things will start rolling again.
  • A good buddy of mine, Antoinette M–, launched some fabulous ebooks that I’m dying to tell you about.
    • Fix: She and I have an interview coming up! Stay tuned!
  • I unpublished several old stories because I’m a better story-teller now
    • Fix: I’m publishing them again as better stories! I’m getting close on them…
  • I miss you all, mwah!
    • Fix: You’ll get more of me (sorry).

Upcoming topics on this blog:

  • New health information about consuming urine! From China!
  • Messy: Just look what my readers do with their hands.
  • A post about how I non-consensually edited my early writing, and how my early writing turns out to love it. My early writing is so submissive and willing to be used!
  • Question: Why the hell do semi-isolated Confederate Cemeteries have wireless connectivity?