Cheer the Winners of the Audio Book!

Everybody else, prepare to cry.

Sorry to everybody who didn't win! This won't sound good, but I'm really bad at saying "no" to people!

Sorry to everybody who didn’t win! This won’t sound good, but I’m really bad at saying “no” to you guys. (Pictured: The coffee mug I’ve always wanted is seeing another woman!)

If you’re on my newsletter then you received the announcement that my steamy southern short-story Carnie Ride (ebook, audio) is out as out as an audiobook

(You’re not on my newsletter!? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Go ahead and join. It’s not like I remember to write more than three times a year…)

In my newsletter I offered free download codes to people who could read past my slapdash marketing text. Many of you succeeded, many entered, few won.

Here are the fabulous, lucky winners, names redacted:

  • Gaele …
  • Chuck …
  • The mysterious “L L”

Congratulations! (If you love the story, please go and write a review. The more positive press the story receives, the more the narrator benefits, and she was fabulous and deserves the world!)

Wheee—I just love when people beg. Look at this fabulous, life-affirming (my life, at least) message of beseeching I received:

If its not to late (being on the West coast….. )

PLEASE, PLEASE …. put me into the lucky pile or hat to win a CODE!!!!!

I am on my KNEES…. tied up, ready to be spanked!!!!!

BEGGING… Wink wink…

love and kisses with a few licks…..

— from “C.G.”

Thank you, C.G.! A world of yes. Have a code. 🙂

Carnie Ride on Audiobook


Big news, folks! Have you ever been reading, and suddenly thought, “It’s just too much work to keep moving my eyes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth?”

We listened to your concerns, and we did something about it.

Carnie Ride is out on audiobook! Now you can listen to the story of how small-town Lightie overcomes her fears and embraces life (by embracing Deemer, the epic carnie who can’t tear his eyes off her).

Click here to hear the audio teaser, meet the narrator, recapture your wasted youth.

CARNIE RIDE: Carnal Carnival Carnie Catharsis story

How is writing like a carnival worker? The more you do, the more you want to do.
This is only because of the heat, ya'll.(Creative commons Maganda DTG on flickr)

This is only because of the heat, ya’ll.
(Creative commons Maganda DTG on flickr)

“In early summer, my mind turns, as it always does, to Carnival Workers. The Summer Carnival Season has arrived in Tennessee. That is the magical time of year when the low-budget traveling fairs that survived their migration through tornado alley finally reach the American South. There, they nest through the warm months, stir up the economy, and impregnate locals….”

This is from the article where I promise to convert a trip to the carnival into an awesome new story. The article was featured on Smutwriter’s Magazine: The Carnival Season of my Writing Soul. And now… here’s that awesome new story!

Carnie Ride

It’s publishing on Amazon as you read this, and already available for Nook and on Smashwords. Learn more…

paperback.pngCan you fix a big mistake by taking a bigger risk?

Lightie’s life is off the rails. Once the toast of her small southern town, Lightie is now an exhausted waitress and a lonely single mother. She’s been responsible for so long, it’s turned into fear of new experiences.

Deemer is the booth worker who can’t tear his gaze away from Lightie when the traveling carnival comes to town. He’s an Apache Indian with a dominating presence, blazing green eyes… and prison tattoos.

On a hot southern night, Lightie and Deemer make an unlikely connection. They’re gun-shy and utterly unalike, but each sees a kindred spirit in the other.

What if your big mistake is what prepares you for true love?

Learn more…

The story has a line about a Tilt-o-Whirl… it’s a reference to a song called “Crackerjack Heart” by southern troubador Cory Branan.

Cory Branan

it’s the way you look in these photographs
i can’t bring myself to throw away
you’re still a rush of color on the tilt-o-whirl
it’s just the background that’s turning gray

Ah… memories! The song is worth a play… full listen.

(Image credit: Creative commons Maganda DTG on flickr.)