Topless Book Club Lives My Art


You know you’re getting old when some of your most prized and adventurous moments from your 20’s can now be accomplished in a fucking reading circle.

Meet the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society. My awesome Facebook buddy K.Z., who might just know my work better than I do, sent me this HuffPo link to a story about a 95% female book club that meets around Manhattan, goes topless, and reads books together.

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Scene from “Teasing in the Park”

Scene from Teasing in the Park—available at ebookstores near you! (B&N, Amazon, Smashwords.)

Back cover blurb:

Angela likes Tyler. She sends him signals like a sinking ship, but she’s friend-zoned until one day she learns his weakness: he likes sexy extroverts who flirt & flaunt in public. Luckily for Angela, his weakness is her strength! Angela wears her lucky dress, and teases him mercilessly in the park. She’ll do anything to make it work! 6,000 word erotic romance about flirting, teasing, and PDA.

(It turns out I can gift copies of my books through Barnes and Noble as well as Smashwords. Do you feel like writing a review? Request reviewer’s copy at

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Reviewer’s copy of “Teasing in the Park”

Park cover

I figured out how to make coupons on Smashwords! I am a marketing genius!

Anyway,  I’m curious what people think about my “Teasing in the Park” story! It’s the kind of story I like to write, about the kind of girl I like to be and the kind of guy that turns me on.

I’m just starting out as an ebook author, and the story hasn’t been getting much attention from my sales channels.

Any erotica readers out there interested in taking a look, and giving some honest feedback or a review?

The story is 100% discounted on Smashwords through May 25. Just use the code  VS63E when you check out.

Visit Teasing in the Park for your free copy. Thanks everybody!!! Kisses!

Question about erotica writing and mass appeal

I know I’m a new writer who is just starting out in e-publishing, and I don’t have fancy things like a “following” or a “readership.” I’ll leave this little post here so I can remember it in the future, when I might have some people–or (sharp intake of breath that jiggles my cleavage) even fans–who will chime in.

This week I chickened out in a scene from one of my stories. I like to write about what “Perfect Lindsey” finds hot. Perfect Lindsey is the idealized version of me who has the guts to carry through with everything. Who can captivate men all the time. Who doesn’t suffer from lapses in confidence. Who finishes what she starts. Who doesn’t have “blonde” moments. Continue reading

About “Teasing in the Park”

Look at those legs

Teasing in the Park is a short story where I try to capture one of the more mundane things about being a galactic tease. (A galactic tease is a girl who will tease anybody but not necessarily f*** them… but it’s a double-edged sword because as the teases, she gets, ummm, really worked up. So a guy with perseverance might just be rewarded for sticking around.) I never intended to be a woman of easy virtues– that part was always just the fallout from me feeling so beautiful and desired by the men around me. Continue reading