I want to make comment-babies

Just look at this fabulous paean to my writing genius! Someone came over from my Literotica account just to say something nice on my about page. Yep. I’m the real thing, ya’ll. I know I’m not very mainstream so it’s a real treat to hear when my writing head-butts a reader.

Stumbled across your story ‘she’s gonna be a star’ on literotica.com, and the recurring thought was just “who the fuck wrote this!?”

Honestly, your work is incredible. After I’d dealt with some more immediate ‘physical urges’ *cough cough* I had to go back again and read it from the start. Seriously, mind = blown. I was considering writing my own fiction someday, but after reading your work I don’t know how I could ever compare…..

You’re a fucking genius.

Every now and then it’s great to get confirmation that I’m not alone… in thinking my writing is genius.

Thank you, thank you, Anonymous poster!

Scarlet Cox and Ellen Dominick in the house!

Smut Writers--Read about writing smut!

Hey y’all! I blogged a new post on Smutwriters.com over the weekend!

I was selected by the wise tentacles that run the magazine to welcome two new amazing writers to the magazine. Ellen Dominick and Scarlet Cox write wicked hot erotica, and they have amazing blogs.

Also… just look what you can get on Amazon:


Great, now I’m hungry.

Go check out these two amazing writers!

Message to Private01 (a reader of my blog): Check out Ellen Dominick for your idea…she actually reviews adult toys!


Wet and Wild Bloghop!

Wet and Wild Hop

Welcome to blog #125 in the 170-blog “Wet and Wild Bloghop.”

Oops, you just fell asleep, didn’t you? I understand. You’re sick of being wet and wild. You’re shivering, your string bikini is starting to chafe, and you just want some chamomile tea. Too fucking bad. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Kidding! Scroll down for the rules if you want to skip me. If you’ve never visited before, let me apologize for everything on this blog. Especially if you poke through my posts in the Vile Archives.

Even though I knew about this event months ago, I kept postponing my preparations. (That’s also the reason I have three kids.) I wanted to be entertaining and sexy, but I think I’ll just  talk about myself instead! It’s like we’re on a date! 

Who is Lindsey Flinch Bedder?

Read my lips

Read my lips. (Pictured: Not my lips.)

I’m an ADHD-rocking, dromedary-loving, fast-writing, bad-idea-having, sex-obsessed indie author. My dear friends call me ridiculous, self-involved, desperate, disorganized, un-empathic, and un-improvable. In real life, I am a delivery-chick, a mother, a wife, and an insecure flirt.

My big news: I’m back in college again! I’m surrounded by young college boys, so I finally get to be a cougar. My problem is that I can’t seem to wedge their bodies into trees. Also, my sense of humor makes them nervous.

My novellas and novels are about women provocateurs, the adventures they have, and the men who can’t get enough of them. My characters ignore the rules, defy social expectations, and pursue multiplicious men at the same time. Read my novels Trapper and Emmeline or Yellow Summer to witness insecure young women on the journey to being empowered, sexy, unapologetic, and promiscuous hotties.

(If you automatically parsed the term multiplicious men into multiple delicious men, then I want to be your friend.)


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Ghosts of my Confederates….

Every year we grow fewer.

Every year we grow fewer.

Today I’m playing hooky from life for a few hours. I found a nice, semi-isolated Confederate Cemetery to do my morning writing. It is nothing short of fabulous. I even feel like someone is looking over my shoulder. Actually, it’s that weird humming feeling I get when I think the guy in front of me is looking down my shirt. Horny ghosts?

I think my Confederates will be in for a shock, based on the story I’m writing this morning. It’s about a college girl who gets paid by a millionaire to be a low-class prostitute… So yeah, I’m trying an autobiography. (Haha.) Enjoy, Confederate ghosts!

My recent sources of anxiety, and how I’m fixing them:

  • I haven’t updated this blog recently! That fact makes me anxious!! I owe so many things to so many friends and readers…
    • Fix: It’s summer for me! I’m starting to catch up with everything!
  • I have wonderful news and several blog posts already written… but life is crazazy busy! I don’t have time to polish them and post them.
    • Fix: Last night I found a way to polish them, so, yay! Things will start rolling again.
  • A good buddy of mine, Antoinette M–, launched some fabulous ebooks that I’m dying to tell you about.
    • Fix: She and I have an interview coming up! Stay tuned!
  • I unpublished several old stories because I’m a better story-teller now
    • Fix: I’m publishing them again as better stories! I’m getting close on them…
  • I miss you all, mwah!
    • Fix: You’ll get more of me (sorry).

Upcoming topics on this blog:

  • New health information about consuming urine! From China!
  • Messy: Just look what my readers do with their hands.
  • A post about how I non-consensually edited my early writing, and how my early writing turns out to love it. My early writing is so submissive and willing to be used!
  • Question: Why the hell do semi-isolated Confederate Cemeteries have wireless connectivity?


Ideas for editing while DRIVING… GO!

#AmWriting, I need ideas for how to edit stories while driving long distances. Computer can be used. Passengers can be frightened but not terrified. Survival is key outcome.

I.e., hands-free, eyes-on-road, single ear-plug highway driving. Is it even possible?


(Also, standing while pooping: feasible?)