Can a Co-ed Get Some Love?

Bethany is the funny, insecure, hot college girl who finds an unlikely path out of the friendzone.

Bethany has a lot to do, and not much time to do it: Dorm Room Depravity

She has a lot to do, and not much time to do it:
Dorm Room Depravity

Have you read my 14,000-word ode to blossoming deviancy and dorm room experimentation? It’s the one about how college co-ed Bethany finally captures the attention of her platonic best buddy, Andrew. (Spoiler: It turns out he’s sort of a perv, and so is she.)

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Epic 2013 Wrap-up


Burn in hell, 2013

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Whew! I just concluded what might be the most harrowing, crowded, over-subscribed six months of my life! And I’ve had a harrowing life! Embedded squirrel bones, anyone? Don’t get me started.

Unfortunately, none of the harrowingness of 2013 revolved around storytelling. So in the final moments of 2013, I am now catching up on a year’s worth of publishing.

I invite you to gape at my recent accomplishments:

January / Jezebel (The Rockstar’s Whore)

January / Jezebel

New ebook! 20,000 word erotica novella about not-so-innocent January’s night on the arm of faded rockstar, “Bixby”. She’s paid $2,000 per hour (I know, this story is obscene!) to let her inner femme fatale off the leash.

By the way, Bixby is a character from Pocahontas Stormer’s ‘Big Brother Bouncer’ story. Also, Bixby is the music producer who signed singer-songwriter Ali Katz, who is the focus of one of my upcoming romantica series. Lorelei from my story The Full Girlfriend Experience is a huge fan of Ali Katz. So you see, we’re all orbiting Bixby just like January does in this story.

Dorm Room Depravity

Dorm Room Depravity

New ebook! This is a (nearly) 15,000 word romantica novelette about Bethany, a college coed who finds a very circuitous route into the arms of the man she loves. (Hint: It’s through a few other men.) While she ostensibly road-tests potential boyfriends in three-minute speed-dates, she realizes she’s the road test for Andrew—the hot, friend-zoned athlete who set up these speed-dates, and who is monitoring them with intense, avid interest.

Still with me? As Bethany steadily escalates with Seth, Borden, and then Anton… she’s actually weaseling into Andrew’s libido like a sexy tapeworm. Which is exactly where she wants to be.

Sandrine and the Pagan God

Sandrine and the Pagan God

Another new ebook! This is a super-short (3,000 words) erotica story about how Sandrine seduces an early, primitive incarnation of St. Nick. The supernatural godling must be pleasured each year on the winter solstice, or the family gets no presents.

I had a lot of fun with this story! The biggest challenge was making a huge world, a big backstory, a full mythology, and a hot sex scene, all in just 3,000 words. Psst — If you want this story for free, its included in “Christmas Smut”, the third anthology from the Smutwriters… search on (on Amazon it’s $0.99 until it’s price-matched). In the anthology, the story is called, “I Saw Mommy Submitting to Santa Claus”.

Carnie Ride Audio Book… coming soon!

We’re still trying to figure out how to launch the audio book… lots of emails and begging for forgiveness flying around.

Audiobook cover... coming soon!

Narrated by the phenomenal Candice Rans.

Stay tuned or better yet… subscribe for announcements. The teaser is coming soon…

Attempted ebook reissues!

Several ebooks were censored by Amazon in the great pornocalypse of 2013. I’ve renamed two stories by my vgirl Pocahontas Stormer. “Forced to Suck my Big Brother Bouncer” is now “Required to Please my Big Brother Bouncer.” “Fucking my Big Brother in New York” is now “Visiting my Big Brother in New York.” Amazon still has problems with the titles, so we’re thinking of something sexy but bland.

Special offer, expires Jan 1, 2014

Dorm Room Depravity and January / Jezebel are starting to move, but I’d love to jack up their Amazon rankings. Rankings are a matter of sales X time… so if you’re in a buying mood, buy one of those books and forward me the Amazon receipt, and I’ll send you any of my other ebooks as a bonus, your choice!