Can a Co-ed Get Some Love?

Bethany is the funny, insecure, hot college girl who finds an unlikely path out of the friendzone.

Bethany has a lot to do, and not much time to do it: Dorm Room Depravity

She has a lot to do, and not much time to do it:
Dorm Room Depravity

Have you read my 14,000-word ode to blossoming deviancy and dorm room experimentation? It’s the one about how college co-ed Bethany finally captures the attention of her platonic best buddy, Andrew. (Spoiler: It turns out he’s sort of a perv, and so is she.)

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Brownies, Bribes, and Mechanics: Sneak Peek

Who hasn’t used their feminine wiles to get work out of mechanic? So here’s the intro to a new short story about a sexy, desperate girl who needs a brake line, and the mechanic she accidentally runs over.

This story might be called “The Brownie Bribe.” (Unless I want it to sell… in which case it will be “Mackin’ on the Mechanic (sex showoff stranger flirt bribe grope)” or something equally graceful.)

My favorite line so far: “If she’s deaf, she’s going to have a great sense of smell.”

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CARNIE RIDE: Carnal Carnival Carnie Catharsis story

How is writing like a carnival worker? The more you do, the more you want to do.
This is only because of the heat, ya'll.(Creative commons Maganda DTG on flickr)

This is only because of the heat, ya’ll.
(Creative commons Maganda DTG on flickr)

“In early summer, my mind turns, as it always does, to Carnival Workers. The Summer Carnival Season has arrived in Tennessee. That is the magical time of year when the low-budget traveling fairs that survived their migration through tornado alley finally reach the American South. There, they nest through the warm months, stir up the economy, and impregnate locals….”

This is from the article where I promise to convert a trip to the carnival into an awesome new story. The article was featured on Smutwriter’s Magazine: The Carnival Season of my Writing Soul. And now… here’s that awesome new story!

Carnie Ride

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paperback.pngCan you fix a big mistake by taking a bigger risk?

Lightie’s life is off the rails. Once the toast of her small southern town, Lightie is now an exhausted waitress and a lonely single mother. She’s been responsible for so long, it’s turned into fear of new experiences.

Deemer is the booth worker who can’t tear his gaze away from Lightie when the traveling carnival comes to town. He’s an Apache Indian with a dominating presence, blazing green eyes… and prison tattoos.

On a hot southern night, Lightie and Deemer make an unlikely connection. They’re gun-shy and utterly unalike, but each sees a kindred spirit in the other.

What if your big mistake is what prepares you for true love?

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The story has a line about a Tilt-o-Whirl… it’s a reference to a song called “Crackerjack Heart” by southern troubador Cory Branan.

Cory Branan

it’s the way you look in these photographs
i can’t bring myself to throw away
you’re still a rush of color on the tilt-o-whirl
it’s just the background that’s turning gray

Ah… memories! The song is worth a play… full listen.

(Image credit: Creative commons Maganda DTG on flickr.)

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop: Dakota Gets Spanked!

Welcome to my The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, the hop where authors interview themselves about a work in progress, or a recently published work. Like most things I do to myself, I’m awesome at it. Here it goes:

Dakota Gets Spanked book cover

Coming soon: Dakota Gets Spanked!

1: What is the working title of your book?

Dakota Gets Spanked!

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

I decided to go high-brow with a spanking story. I kid! I have romances and comedy stories under development, and I needed a quick dip into something lewd and lascivious to get back to my roots. Fans kept writing that they wanted to see my heroines paddled for being so naughty… so in this next ebook the naughty young Dakota is paddled like a river boat.

3: What genre does your book fall under?

Porn. It’s not even erotica! This is a one-act sex-play. The girl walks in, the dude spanks her. By the time he’s done spanking her, he’s no longer an alcoholic. This is raw, down and dirty, bad-girl-gets-whupped stuff, or what my gym coach called “Private Study Hall.”

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Colin Farrell... the spanker.

Colin Farrell… the spanker.

COLIN FARRELL would need to be miscast as my portly older gentleman. If he was method-acting, he could shave his head and pretend he had male pattern baldness. As long as he doesn’t touch the eyebrows, he’d still be hot.

For the naughty young girl… there are so many hollywood ingeneues who I would like to bend over a desk and punish.

Freida Pinto

Does Freida have too many teeth?

FREIDA PINTO has nice teeth but I don’t know if she’d look sexy crying.

Too fragile?

Is Keira too fragile?

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY would probably have a good, confused, lip-biting look when the spanking started.

Megan Fox

Is Megan too spankable??

MEGAN FOX—Confession time… I’d probably let her get to the casting couch. Then I’d personally give her an audition. And that audition would involve some slapping and maybe some crying. We would both be exhausted, and emotionally cleansed afterward. Neither of us would ever speak of that audition again. But I couldn’t use Megan for my story… the plot would lose all subtlety!

Christina Ricci

Christina already knows what you’re thinking. She approves.

Final choice? Who am I kidding! CHRISTINA RICCI… sexy, teasy, a little torn up, and never anything less than fascinating to watch. She is just brave and strange enough to do a one-act spanking story. Remember her as a neurotic nymphomanic in Black Snake Moan?

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Billingham Academy has a big book of rules, and Dakota St. Millay is about to discover the one for sexy, naughty eighteen-year-old delinquents.

6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Lindsey’s latest hit will be published by the Lindsey, Bedder publishing firm. Which is like saying “self-published” because it’s still Lindsey… except she gets to talk about herself in the third person. The release is slated for this month of this year.

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

As with most of my fetish efforts, I spent an inordinate amount of time doing research. Once, on vacation, I was so very naughty I needed multiple spankings, but I knew I was doing it all for my readers. And my husband. Everybody else at the Bed and Breakfast was traumatized.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

My story Dakota Gets Spanked! shares a common theme with other Amazon erotic ebooks like Jill Gets Spanked and The Naughty Babysitter gets Spanked, but it is quite different from Hannah Gets Spanked (Again).

9: Who or What inspired you to write this book?

This is for all the guys who wanted to spank me over the years. It took a while, but I finally get it! I’d thank them by name if I could, but we didn’t really have that kind of interaction, and besides, names were not allowed at The Mansion.

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

The sub-plot is about alcoholism and redemption, but that’s only one or two sentences. The story is mostly  about the spanking, and if you want the story to really work, you have to imagine CHRISTINA RICCI wearing boy’s cut panties. Got her locked in? Good. Now add COLIN FARRELL with an itchy hand.

Who is next?

This blog hop might be winding down. I am supposed to designate who will carry on The Next Big Thing Blog Hop next week… but I think the erotica world is running out of authors! I have a few friends I can tap and if they agree, I will list them below.

Trapper and Emmeline—Launched!

Launching for Kindle!

Trapper and Emmeline (ebook edition for Kindle) is in Amazon’s hands now! It will go live on either Sunday or Monday, because after they read the story they will be too emotional to hit the ‘publish’ button for 12-48 hours. Now live on Amazon for Kindle—purchase or borrow. Click here to get to the Amazon page. 

Producing this book was exactly like being pregnant, down to the stretch marks, the weird food cravings, and the mucus plug (you do not want to watch me write). Finally kicking this book out of the house was exactly like giving birth. It took a lot of screaming, and I had to stop to cook breakfast for my living kids.

Trapper and Emmeline is about two smart-ass college kids who fall in love with each other, and slowly invent a new way to be in love. The big question in my life is whether romance can be sweet and sordid: I think it can… but I’ve never found the right way. I wanted to write a romantic and depraved love story, and the result is a funny, cautionary tale about the war between insatiable passion and enduring romance.

Prologue: Emmeline in a Snapshot

She holds my hand as we leave class. We step into a brisk summer breeze.

Her dress is barely legal. Too short on her ass by an inch, too low in her chest by two more. Thin enough to be almost sheer when she enters the full sunlight streaming between the buildings. With her next to me, Manhattan seems light and friendly, full of airy promise.

I glance at her and my heart bolts in my chest. The fabric of her dress dances around her legs. It wraps over her torso like a plastic bag blown up against a Greek statue. She doesn’t notice the people gawking at her in the street. She’s too busy telling me she aced her exam.

She’s happy.

Manhattan loves her.