Can a Co-ed Get Some Love?

Bethany is the funny, insecure, hot college girl who finds an unlikely path out of the friendzone.

Bethany has a lot to do, and not much time to do it: Dorm Room Depravity

She has a lot to do, and not much time to do it:
Dorm Room Depravity

Have you read my 14,000-word ode to blossoming deviancy and dorm room experimentation? It’s the one about how college co-ed Bethany finally captures the attention of her platonic best buddy, Andrew. (Spoiler: It turns out he’s sort of a perv, and so is she.)

Read on for a special offer…


College life is so cray-cray, y’all!

Like a lot of my stories, it’s about a young college-aged woman who lets herself explore her slutty side. Hey, when you’re young, you don’t need to make good decisions! Apparently I’m obsessed with this theme.

If you have read this story, and you liked it, please consider leaving it a nice review on Amazon. For desperate and experimental hotties like Bethany, it’s the attention she craves. For starving writers like me, it’s the attention I crave. A few good reviews could get this story in front of more readers!

Don’t write anything over-the-top. Maybe something like:

The author asked for an honest review. This story is so much more than a collection of plasma-hot sex scenes. It is also charming, funny, and epic. It even has a love story of eternal beauty as the B-Plot! Bethany, the main character, is my new BFF! This exquisitely written, sexy, can-I-say-hot-again story is the smut version of When Harry Met Sally, but with more intercourse. Two thumbs way up for this mmmm/f story that makes you feel fresh and perky.

You’ll probably have to reign yourself in. If you’re completely honest about the story, people will think you’re exaggerating. 😉

Send me the link to your review on Amazon and I’ll send you a free copy of my upcoming story, “A for Effort”! A For Effort is the 13,000 word mmm/f story about how Sissy got help in her history class. In case you can’t guess, it’s about a hot, adventurous college co-ed with a special approach to studying.

Yeah, I’m obsessed.

Picture of the cover of an upcoming story.

Coming soon to a college bookstore near you.

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