Jenneke gives us the feels

A nominee for Emmeline’s Possé: Pre-race warm-up.

Goddamn effervescent young people.

Is Ms. Michelle Jenneke hot? Yes. Is she cute? Yes. Is she about to kick ass? Yes. Would you like to hook up with her? Mumble. Would your DH? My DH would probably pound her like a broken eject button on a crashing F-16. Are these attributes mutually exclusive? Nope! Is she a cheap sl*tty wh*re? A million times no. It hurts to even propose that question. Look how bright her soul is!

My book Trapper and Emmeline (for Kindle on Amazon) touches on the question of women and their appetites when Emmeline says: “Boys don’t really want a perverted girl. They want a nice girl who does perverted things. Tell me I’m wrong.”

I run into this outlook every now and then. If the girl is a pervert, she must be broken, with no ego, and have sexual abuse in her past. If she’s not a pervert but you can talk her into doing a perverted thing, well, that’s okay. But who decides? The difference between the two is determined by unmeasurable levels of perversity inside the woman’s head, but the difference is assigned by an outside person (like an appalled and disappointed boyfriend). Is that fair? A woman can go from being sweet-and-saucy to being a full-on worthless whore, just from a man thinking slightly differently about her. If she allows that to happen.

Kick-ass women who bring the sweet, sexy, and strong—like Michelle Jenneke—are showing that you can be what you want, when you want. She belongs in Emmeline’s Possé.

My book Trapper and Emmeline is the story of two smart-ass college kids inventing a new way to be in love.

Via Michelle Jenneke on Vimeo on Vimeo

PS: And here is a monotrack male reaction (funny!!):

5 Comments Jenneke gives us the feels

  1. virginiaflowers

    Oh my god, I’ve been loving her video as well. Not only a cutie, but have you ever seen someone who has so much joy about their hurdling? The minute she crosses the finish line that smile returns. Hope we get to see her in the Olympics this year.

    1. lindseybedder

      I’m almost certain her cheerful, relaxed, happy, warm-up was at least partially responsible for the win. Check out the tense, serious women around her, they look scared!

      1. virginiaflowers

        That very well could be. It could also be sheer, raw talent. Watch how she goes over the hurdles, how smooth and level her upper body remains, almost as if she is stepping over the hurdles, not leaping them. She’s a pretty impressive athlete on all levels… and looks divine in green. 🙂

  2. antoinettemsmut

    She is just lovely.

    I always ran into the assumption that if I tell you I’m a perv, I’m really telling you I want your dick, when the reality is I don’t have much of a filter. I’ll tell you I’m a pervert, how my morning shit went, what my rats had for breakfast, how to make a Swiss roll out of mouse intestine (believe it or not, sugar is involved), and fun stories from St. Simon’s memoir of Louis XIV’s court.

  3. lindseybedder

    Strange! For me, when I talk about mouse intestine I’m really asking for sex. The guys just never caught the clue. It was like I’d alost have to squeeze the guts of a dead lab mouse onto their heads before they were turned on! They wonder why they got no action!!

    I’m right there with you about self-censoring. I overshare to the extreme sometimes, but for me I think it’s symptomatic of adhd. I have an internal set of social coping rules for my manic days and the best one is: “keep your teeth together, Lindsey!” The other is, “I might know something but I don’t have to share it.” I also need to plan the end of my thought before I share the beginning. Just like this paragraph!!

    Have an amazing special day, Antoinette!!!


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