Trapper: Catch and Release

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Why me in fire? What this thing me holding? Bo… book? Book have food in it? Me need book to sex you? No?
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By this point I’ve read so much about Alpha Males, I’m dying for a nice Beta Male I can boss around. “Honey, I know you’re busy, but can you get me a coffee and paint the house?”

I wouldn’t even have to flirt! “Honey, please buy me some Woody Allen movies so I can study your species.”

Alpha Males are about more than just sex, mystery, protection, relationship insecurity. They are also about THE PRIZES!!

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My prize drawing

I have an odd erotic romance book, Trapper and Emmeline, in which two college students, crazy-deep in lust, invent a new way to be in love. Trapper wants the world to know how amazing Emmeline is, so he shares her! He encourages Emmeline to go on dates with other guys!

Ladies, think how horrible it would be if your husband suggested that kind of date night! The husband stays home and takes care of the kids. You go out to dinner with some alluring, sexy man and hone your skills of attraction and flirtation. Sounds terrible, right? (Of course, in Trapper and Emmeline, Trapper pushes Emmeline too far, and Emmeline surprises herself by going even further… and it throws their sweet-but-sordid romance into jeopardy.)

Comment topic: Do you want your Significant Other to institute a date night? On the last Friday of each month, you have permission to go out on a real live date and work the singles scene again! What if you can’t find a date? He (or she) will set you up with a friend. Would you do this? Could you do this? Hot? Not? Just plain weird?  

One print copy of the book goes to the hottest/funniest comment. Another goes to a randomly selected topic. Remember to leave your email! (If you don’t want a print copy, I can send a PDF or Paypal $7 so you can get a different ebook.)

In this excerpt from Trapper and Emmeline, alpha Trapper personally sees another Alpha make a play on Emmeline. You’d think this would make Trapper and Emmeline uncomfortable, but no, they’re too weird:

He’s a recovering good guy. She’s maxing life on borrowed time.

The next day, we went to the Student Union for cokes. Emmeline was wearing a short, flower-print dress with leather shoes, and looking quite enticing about it. As I studied her shape inside her translucent dress, a hand came sliding around her waist.

The hand, flat-palmed on my girlfriend’s body, went on a journey across her torso, catching a stupefying feel along the way. It came to rest on her stomach, a little below her belly button.

My dick was hard enough hammer out dents in cars.

I tracked the hand back to a young, Jersey-looking guy with an open collar and gold chains around his neck. His face was mere inches away from hers, and his toothsome smile made me think of a man-eating shark.

“Emmeline,” he said, “have you given any thought about tonight? Or tomorrow night? Or the night after? Or ever?”

“I’ll tell you later,” she said. “This is Trapper, my boyfriend.”

“Oh, hey,” he said, backing off. He met my eyes with a hard stare, as if I wanted to steal his food.

“Hi!” I held out my hand, and he took it, suspicious.

Emmeline said, “Trapper, this is my friend from class. He wants to take me out to dinner.”

I smiled at him. “Just make sure it’s a nice place. Emmeline deserves the best.”

He nodded uncertainly. He was, obviously and reasonably, confused by Emmeline and me.

“Sure, ‘Trapper.’” 

“See you later, sweetie,” Emmeline said, and kissed him.

As he walked away, she said, “Sorry about that.”

“No big,” I said, wrapping my hands around her shoulders. A pre-Emmeline Trapper would have felt a little hurt at being dismissed; new-Trapper didn’t actually give a shit about testosterone-ridden, socially inept Jersey kids. “Did you notice how he just grabbed your stomach, rather than saying hi?”

“He always does that. I think he has a thing for my tummy.”

“You should wear a crop-top for him, or a half-shirt. So that next time, he will get a hand full of skin.” She looked thoughtful at that, and didn’t answer. I realized why: She liked him! Him! There was no accounting for taste. “Are you planning to go out with him?”

She looked uncomfortable. This boy was the first of her potential dates that I’d actually met.

“It’s still early in the week, Trap. For my first date, I want something… less unambiguous than a dinner date. Like an innocent study session. With him, it would not be innocent at all. He would jump me like a turnstile.” Her eyes fluttered to mine, shy. “Still, I’m curious about him. He wears more jewelry than I do. We would make one blinged-out pair.”

“Keep me informed,” I said. “I like how guys are just grabbing you before they say hello.”

She laughed. “I think they do that if they can’t remember my name in time.”

“We are one weird couple.”

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39 Comments Trapper: Catch and Release

  1. JeanMP

    I can read about it, but I don’t think I could do it and I don’t want my husband doing it either!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  2. kym amaral

    My luck something embarrassing would being rushed to the ER because he got stuck, or any of those really horrible things that happen. I am the type of person that ANYtime I try to do something daring, or wrong……I get caught !!
    So look for me in the ER..and Ill be telling them Lindsey told me to !! 😉


    1. lindseybedder

      🙂 They would have to open a special hospital ward for people following my advice!! “Ladies, spice up your love-life with a trip to the hospital!”

      When I think about a “special” date night of my own, I just assume I’m going to turn around in the restaurant and see my boss, church people, and my kids’ friends all eating at the same table, staring at me and Brad Pitt. In sociology that is called ‘informal social constraint’ and I guess I know why we leave it out of erotica.

    1. lindseybedder

      Me too! (And write about it.) People tell me that science fiction is simple escapism, and worse, literature in general is for ‘amusement’–I could argue that over drinks. But I think I WILL agree that erotic romance can be pure wish fulfillment and a safety valve for impulsive personality types!!

    1. lindseybedder

      LOL. I think you’re the consensus JanD!! I’m glad we all have such good impulse control to keep us from doing things we regret later. And by “we” I mean “ya’ll.”

  3. Lynne

    It’s a sweet fantasy, but it would never work for me! But I can just see this guy on a date w/Emmaline and he looks over and sees Trapper like down the bar or something and they do the intro and he is all apologetic, cause he didn’t know she was dating someone else and Trapper just makes some comment like, “if you really want to make her cream her jeans, take her out for sushi, then the dance club on 15th, and offer to let her do body shots.” And then just walk away, expecting all the details from Em the next day.

  4. Alicia

    Definitely not for me in real life – I have enough trouble getting any dates, trying to date while in a relationship? That just seems like a recipe for humiliation.

    But it is something that I have never read about before, it may not be my kink, but it would be fun to read about 🙂 I enjoyed the excerpt a lot.

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    dmr8888 at yahoo dot com

  5. Jenny

    I could never do that in real life, but in some weird fictional parallel universe, I would give it a try. 🙂

    Jyl22075 at

  6. Marlena Fein

    I think I would LOVE to be able to go out once a month and “date” (and maybe a few other things!) a new man each month! I do not think I would be able to allow him to do it though. That would drive me crazy! Talk about double standards! 🙂

    [email protected]

  7. Cassandra Hicks

    I would do it now just for the fact that I’m single but that would not fly especially if I was married. I would become a she-devil and scratch her eyes out. It would definitely be on like donkey kong then lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    [email protected]

  8. Barbara Brant

    I didn’t date all that much to begin with. I can’t imagine being in the dating scene these days! I don’t think I would do it…or would even WANT to do it! GAG! Just the thought of dating again makes me nauseous. *looks for a barf bag* I’d read about it, but no way want to go there…nope…not this girl.

    [email protected]

  9. Brenda Anderson

    No I NEVER WANT A DATE NIGHT EVER AGAIN. Please let me explain why! I dated all the time from my teens to late 20’s. My District Manager came in a few times when I was a shift manager and I’d have a few guys in the store every time flirting with me setting up dates for later. Only thing that saved me was that I always worked hard and quickly to get my work done and she’d joke that I’d at least take my time when on a date.

    After 3yrs of it continuing to go on she joked how I should be on be on the menu right in front of a guy I was really interested in. To make matters worse it was a night I’d never forget when later I went to a party at a friends. Not only was my District Manager there later in the night when I was completely drunk the CEO of the company was to.

    You’d think being drunk at 20 and your boss’s boss and the BIG BOSS of EVERYONE show up at a party your at would be the worst that could happen, but no that was the least of my worries! The worst thing was when the District Manager and the CEO showed up I was in the corner enjoying a HOTT makeout session with the CEO’s SON who I found out was JUST 18 just after he saw his dad and they were there looking for him because he ditched his BDAY Party to sneak into my friends party to see me!

    I wish I could say I didn’t know who he was but I did. I was barely 20 and I all I knew he was HOTT, built like a model, but I had thought he was 19. I got put on suspension for a wk until the CEO chilled thanks to my District Manager who pointed out that not only was I great employee but I also brought in business having guys come in while I was working to check them out b4 I set up dates. Because they’d always have to order something if they wanted to chat a bit. 🙂

    BUT I never did get to live it down. Haha! But it did cause them to hire a 2nd shift manager whom I later married. But nope no more “dating” for me. We’d go hang out. But after the whole ordeal when I was 20 changed me and I’ve never gone on a real date since.

    SO even if my husband said I could, granted he knows how man crazy I can be when turned loose, I’d never accept it. And if he did it then I’d most likely show him the door and find someone else. It’s just so not for me after that night!

  10. miki

    if i find my sopulmate i don’t want to have a free night or anything andi would not want to share or try someone else


  11. dgmolly

    I couldn’t do it. I’m a one man woman. I wouldn’t want to spend my time with anyone else.
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  12. Misha K.

    Nope~ not for me. I think it would be weird and personality if there’s play time I’m obviously going to want to spend it with my love and would think that works both ways. 🙂


  13. MaryAnn Inabinet

    I would have to say no because I am way to possessive and would be jealous of anyone he was with. I think it would be a really bad idea considering we are married. I don’t share well with others, at least when it comes to him! Thanks for the giveaways! Blog hop is awesome!

    [email protected]

  14. Shadow

    I have so many favorites!! One of my favorite alphas is Justice from Justice by Laurann Dohner. I love this book. And the man… hehe I love alpha heros. So hot! 🙂 Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway! This is so much fun!

  15. Whitley

    I can’t fathom a date night with a stranger.
    The effort to get ready: can pantyhose possibly confine the damage done by gravity? Is black too somber?
    The awkwardness of not knowing what to say: “Sooo, what do you do? Uh you own a Sanilet and sump pump business? Oh, that must be…(disgusting. Interesting. No, it really is disgusting)…profitable.”
    What to order for dinner: The cheap chicken, the suave salad, or the comforting cheeseburger with onion rings on the side?
    The “a goodnight kiss or not?” agony: I had the onion rings…
    If my significant other really loves me, he’ll realize the best share is NO share!
    Cheers, Kelly :~D

  16. savannah miller

    I can’t wait until my hubby gets home tonight so I can suggest this to him :)! PS If I win and don’t claim my prize it may be because said hubby killed me after requesting this ;)!!
    Thank you for the chance to win and for being part of the hop I def. want to read this book!
    [email protected]

  17. J Lenni Dorner (@JLenniDorner)

    Hmm no, that date night doesn’t sound like my sort of thing. I know a girl who acts like that though, and her baby-daddy puts up with it. (Puts up with, as in not his idea.) I think it works better in a story than it does in real life.

    Then again, I have dated people in the past and they make me VERY grateful for my spouse. So I guess there’s that side to it.

    j.lennidorner AT facebook DOT com

  18. bn100

    You could find a date at the amusement park if you can’t find anyone.

    I like alphas and their protectiveness.


  19. Jessica B

    thanks for being a part of the hop. I hope that you have a great week. I haven’t been on any dates but I’d love to do something memorable. Maybe take a walk in a forest preserve or something?
    jessangil (at) gmail (dot) com


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