Lindsey looking calm. Rohypnol must be kicking in.

Lindsey Flinch Bedder is an unemployable free spirit who has worked every profession at least once. The one constant in her life is writing, and the constant theme in her writing is a fetish for watching, being watched, and getting in trouble!

Lindsey writes character-driven erotica about women provocateurs, teasers, & tramps, the adventures they have, and the boyfriends who love them. She is married with four kids, and alternates between NYC and Tennessee residences.

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  1. anonymous

    Stumbled across your story ‘she’s gonna be a star’ on literotica.com, and the recurring thought was just “who the fuck wrote this!?”

    Honestly, your work is incredible. After I’d dealt with some more immediate ‘physical urges’ *cough cough* I had to go back again and read it from the start. Seriously, mind = blown. I was considering writing my own fiction someday, but after reading your work I don’t know how I could ever compare…..

    You’re a fucking genius.

    1. Lindsey Bedder

      OMG I want to have babies with this comment. Thanks, anonymous! I’m going to copy this v. v. kind message to my front page, and then re-read it every time I feel like I’m getting nowhere with my writing. (So, daily.)

      What a wonderful expression of support and appreciation — THANK YOU mysterious stranger!

  2. Scott

    I found both the story Carol and the Literotica web site over Christmas vacation. This was the best adult fantasy story I have read in several years. And one of the top 5 of the new century! I found myself having to put it down as it became too intense. It reminded me of roller coaster relationships I had long ago. I got so into the storyI started thinking about what might have happened in chapters not written. Thank you very much. I hope you continue to write from your unemployed hut as you have an amazing gift.


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