Can a Co-ed Get Some Love?

Bethany is the funny, insecure, hot college girl who finds an unlikely path out of the friendzone.

Bethany has a lot to do, and not much time to do it: Dorm Room Depravity

She has a lot to do, and not much time to do it:
Dorm Room Depravity

Have you read my 14,000-word ode to blossoming deviancy and dorm room experimentation? It’s the one about how college co-ed Bethany finally captures the attention of her platonic best buddy, Andrew. (Spoiler: It turns out he’s sort of a perv, and so is she.)

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Flirty streetwear at the Nasty Gal shop

Disclaimer: No, I’m not an affiliate for Nasty Gal, but I should be!!

Are casual clothes headed this way? Finally! I’m too young to have participated in the bra-less, halter top, no-HIV, half-shirted 1970’s. It finally looks like street fashion is doing a pivot back to cute + sexy and it’s about time. This fashion company just got on my radar: Nasty Gal. Despite the name they have some workable outfits!

my caption

“So is that a Bible in your pocket?”

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Topless Book Club Lives My Art


You know you’re getting old when some of your most prized and adventurous moments from your 20’s can now be accomplished in a fucking reading circle.

Meet the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society. My awesome Facebook buddy K.Z., who might just know my work better than I do, sent me this HuffPo link to a story about a 95% female book club that meets around Manhattan, goes topless, and reads books together.

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