Brownies, Bribes, and Mechanics: Sneak Peek

Who hasn’t used their feminine wiles to get work out of mechanic? So here’s the intro to a new short story about a sexy, desperate girl who needs a brake line, and the mechanic she accidentally runs over.

This story might be called “The Brownie Bribe.” (Unless I want it to sell… in which case it will be “Mackin’ on the Mechanic (sex showoff stranger flirt bribe grope)” or something equally graceful.)

My favorite line so far: “If she’s deaf, she’s going to have a great sense of smell.”

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I want to make comment-babies

Just look at this fabulous paean to my writing genius! Someone came over from my Literotica account just to say something nice on my about page. Yep. I’m the real thing, ya’ll. I know I’m not very mainstream so it’s a real treat to hear when my writing head-butts a reader.

Stumbled across your story ‘she’s gonna be a star’ on, and the recurring thought was just “who the fuck wrote this!?”

Honestly, your work is incredible. After I’d dealt with some more immediate ‘physical urges’ *cough cough* I had to go back again and read it from the start. Seriously, mind = blown. I was considering writing my own fiction someday, but after reading your work I don’t know how I could ever compare…..

You’re a fucking genius.

Every now and then it’s great to get confirmation that I’m not alone… in thinking my writing is genius.

Thank you, thank you, Anonymous poster!