Review of “Katie-bug” by Joan Defers


You might remember erotica commentator and author Joan Defers from this blog post of mine where I gush all over her. Sorry for gushing! It’s something I’ve always done.

“Well,” Joan would answer, “you know this ‘gushing’ is really just pee, right?”

To which I’d say, “Shhh! That’s a secret for womankind!”

Anyway, in my blog post post I promised to buy one of her books, Katie-bug and read it all the way through. What nobody expected, even me, is that I would actually do that.

I did. While I’m already on my knees blowing people’s minds, here’s a review of the story.

The short version: Katie-bug could be a reference work for hot-wife / wifeslut / submission  erotica. It deals with the psychology in addition to the machinery. Our heroine, Kate (“Katie-bug”), is utterly modern, identifiable, and relatable. The writing style is from the Hemingway school, minimalist and confident in the reader… but again it’s modern, so maybe Palahniuk is closer.

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Man-man sex video is beautiful, and safe for work

I recently discovered that some of my co-workers don’t like watching men get down with other men. I know, right?

Sure, they’ll starcello-blurbe at two chicks going crazy on a balcony at Mardi Gras. Normative lesbian sex is “hot” — what a double standard! Lesbianism is so acceptable these days, that one of my fireman friends wants a 45-minute “best of GGG” video clip played at his funeral (provided he dies before he’s married).

My problem is that I live in a small conservative Southern community. Everybody is so closed-minded they object to the topic before I even get started at PTA meetings. It’s getting so even the mailman peals away when he sees me coming.

Are we man-to-manners really supposed to just lie down and accept the premise that lesbians are GOLD, but man-bians are “NO”-LD?

If you’re a strong advocate for man-to-man sex, like I am, here’s a video to help you win your arguments. At work. Yes, win your arguments at work. Because this video is SFW! Man-to-man at your desk. It doesn’t get better than that.

Cello 1

For the record, I don’t know if these musicians are actually into each other. You don’t have to be a homosexual to be pleasantly surprised by man sex. This happy, musical fellow might be married to a female, which could lead to some uncomfortable questions soon:


Thomas! What is this fucking video I found on your laptop!?


It’s, um, nothing? I was just practicing mah cello.


OMG what’s he doing to you?


It was a little awkward because I wasn’t expecting it.


He’s just taking over, isn’t he?


I was playing my song, and this guy came up behind me and… and… started fiddling.


Cello 2


Is this what you meant by wanting to try swinging? Getting nailed on Youtube?


It just happened. I know you’re angry—


I’m not angry. I’m withholding my criticism, like Dr Winsen told me to. Let’s fullscreen and watch it again.


Why are you unzipping my fly?


I… I don’t rightly know.



See the whole (very awesome) video:

Scarlet Cox and Ellen Dominick in the house!

Smut Writers--Read about writing smut!

Hey y’all! I blogged a new post on over the weekend!

I was selected by the wise tentacles that run the magazine to welcome two new amazing writers to the magazine. Ellen Dominick and Scarlet Cox write wicked hot erotica, and they have amazing blogs.

Also… just look what you can get on Amazon:


Great, now I’m hungry.

Go check out these two amazing writers!

Message to Private01 (a reader of my blog): Check out Ellen Dominick for your idea…she actually reviews adult toys!