Ideas for editing while DRIVING… GO!

#AmWriting, I need ideas for how to edit stories while driving long distances. Computer can be used. Passengers can be frightened but not terrified. Survival is key outcome.

I.e., hands-free, eyes-on-road, single ear-plug highway driving. Is it even possible?


(Also, standing while pooping: feasible?)

Dictated but not read

Schweppes wildlife smoked Gouda diet seltzer, small Alton except for the premium stuff. 

(When dictation software goes rogue. No, I don’t remember what I wanted to say… Maybe this was what I wanted to say.)

Three free this weekend!

Here I am buoyed up by my fan base. You're so helpful for some reason! Also, how do you like my new hiphuggers?

Here I am buoyed up by my fan base. You’re so helpful for some reason! Also, how do you like my new hiphuggers?

I follow basketball off and on, and today’s big news is the Coach Mike Rice video where he abuses his Rutgers players.

While I was watching it, I got in the mood for some good old humiliation and BDSM erotica stories…

Poor Rutgers! Poor players!

Whether you’re a blog reader with amazing good taste or a sad Rutgers fan, you deserve free erotica!

Free Days for Three eBooks this weekend!

Yellow Summer: Adventures of a Pee Slut — free 4/6–4/7!

Dakota Gets Spanked — free 4/6–4/7!

Elvis is Telepresent — free 4/6–4/7!

Dakota Gets Spanked book cover Elvis is Telepresent Yellow Summer
Pick them up starting Saturday! If you like the stories — please leave a review! Mwaaah!

New Vampire book drops…

The Vampire Gallery book cover

Maria is about to get something in her throat.

If you watched the True Blood teaser on YouTube, you probably saw that the series isn’t coming back until June 16th! That’s forever!! Since when is “June” even a month?

How do you get your sexy vampire fix until then? Easy. Just yesterday my awesome friend Antoinette M‘s next novel came out…

The Vampire’s Gallery is a lusty and decadent erotica novella that brings hope to socially awkward vampire groupies like me. Lonely-but-funny-and-sexy Maria goes on an Internet blind date and accidentally seduces an ancient vampire warlord.

She discovers that the path to true love starts on your knees. (I think we all sort of knew that.) A fabulous read!

“Go ahead and gnaw on me with your new teeth.”

Don’t mind if I do!

This book contains sanguine vampire seductions, M/F/M scenes, waltzing, and light bondage.