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Someone put a plant on my dinner plate! And my heart loves it!

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By this point I know you’re completely romanced out. You’re probably dying for a scene where a despairing husband and wife scream at each other in the car on the way to divorce court.

I almost gave you a scene like that! My book Trapper and Emmeline is about two college kids who are inventing a new way to be in love. (Hint: It involves flirting, PDA, strangers, and a lot of sex.) There are ample chances for their budding romance to go wrong… and at one point it does.

They fight, and Trapper flees. Emmeline’s emails to him grow steadily longer and more desperate. He’s checking his computer every 30 seconds for the next one. Finally, he realizes he can’t hide forever, and meets her outside a classroom.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Meet the Sex Robot

It’s Six Sentence Sunday!

But I didn’t plan ahead… and I’m in the middle of the Romancing the Hop Bloghop! I’m publishing this below the RomHop, which you can find here.

In my latest completely absurd short story, Elvis is Telepresent, sexy doctor Kristen gets a very special anniversary present from her boyfriend. He’s traveling and can’t sex her up, so he enlists two med students to strap her into the remote-surgery operating table (aka the “Big Robot”). All the surgical arms have add-ons like dildos, nipple clamps, and sphincter snakes. Elvis is intent on giving her the world’s best orgasm from a thousand miles away.

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Finally! Creepy invasive candid photos of men!

SubwayCrush is a pictoblog site where women send in creepy photos of men they see on the subway. That’s an immediate Lindsey Flinch Bedder Subscribe! moment. Darn, I just put my finger through another Enter key.

Picture of handsome man on subway.

It’s so hard to get good lighting like this on the A!

Finally, a candid photo site that caters to invasive women instead of invasive men! The ladies of the internet finally appear on the scoreboard.  As we approach year 20 of the  World Wide Web, the score is 12,439,476 to 1. It’s a start. And a cute, candid, subway-ogling start at that!

Yes, women can use the internet. Now let me make fellatio-face near this phallic ketchup bottle.

Six Sentence Sunday: Long Sentences

It’s Six Sentence Sunday! Welcome to my blog place!!
This post is 18+ Rated R!

At the beginning of last summer when I first started publishing, I had this wonderful idea to name my heroines after myself. Beginner mistake! When I read a scene, and say, “Would Lindsey really do that?” I have to answer, “Well yeah, duh!” It’s no help at all for generating believable characters. I am going through all my stories and removing that licentious harlot from all the scenes.

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We have new information about camels

I was surfing around youtube looking for ideas for my next story. Naturally, all I watched were camel videos. Here is a camel drinking from a hose:

If you are wondering if this video is worth your time to watch, let me point out that you have probably never seen a camel drinking from a hose. If it’s not on your Bucket List, quickly pencil it in and then scratch it off so you feel like you’re making progress. Realistically, you’re never going to read Ulysses by James Joyce so do the camel thing.

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