Interview with Gael, an Irritable Scottish Hunk

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Irritable Scottish fetish club owners—rent your own awesome kilt at the amazing! You, too, can be like Gael.

Welcome to the Hero’s Blog Hop, in which we write a post from the POV of one of our heros! (Prizes and other links are at the bottom of this post.)

Today I sit down with Gilleathain Lachlainn Ceannaideach, of the Clan MacGillivray—or Gael, if you’re not a masochist—to see what makes him tick.

The story is Yellow Summer (publishing soon!), and Gael is the proprietor of Club Kind, a plucky young fetish club trying to establish itself in a rough Chicago university neighborhood.

Our heroine, Lanna, gets a job at Club Kind and trains to be the Bathroom Girl. Along the way she finds inner peace, outer strength, and an unlikely love with our damaged hero.

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Won’t someone pee on me? Please?

Never having written a pee story before, there was a lot of research I needed to do.

After doing some googling, I learned that more than babies come out of my crotch. Pee comes out too! And some other things we won’t talk about. We’re mostly about the pee.

When I started writing my latest fetish novella, Yellow Summer, I wasn’t sure I could bring it off. By the time I finished, I was bringing it off quite frequently.

Just something I threw on, DH. My urinal dress. Oh! I just remembered, it’s date night! So what do YOU want to do?

People, it’s as simple as this: pee is sexy. And no, Idon’tknowwhy it’s so sexy. There’s just something about it. Could it be the complete, abject submission of the woman getting peed upon? Could it be her acquiescence to the male need to pee on her? Somehow she remains herself, even though the act resonates with power over her.

Who said being peed upon is an insult? Was it some psychology grad student? Because it certainly wasn’t Shakespeare. Shakespeare remains mute on the subject of gender domination and urination. I wonder, am I being too California-sensitive about this? I don’t know. I’m not Californian. Is that why I’m confused about urine?

Obviously I had a lot of questions. I needed to do more research into whether I felt dominated or not. I went to DH who was watching TV. He looked like he didn’t want to get up and pee on anything, which is rare for him. I engaged him on an intellectual level.

“Heeeyyyyy,” I said.

He was having none of it. “I’m all tapped out, Linds, leave me alone. Game’s on.”

“No, really. Heeeyyyyy.”

“Linds, can’t you go have an affair or something? There must be someone else you can pester.”

The fool! He thought I was talking about nookie, not bladder release.

Read on for how I terrorized him…

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Jenneke gives us the feels

A nominee for Emmeline’s Possé: Pre-race warm-up.

Goddamn effervescent young people.

Is Ms. Michelle Jenneke hot? Yes. Is she cute? Yes. Is she about to kick ass? Yes. Would you like to hook up with her? Mumble. Would your DH? My DH would probably pound her like a broken eject button on a crashing F-16. Are these attributes mutually exclusive? Nope! Is she a cheap sl*tty wh*re? A million times no. It hurts to even propose that question. Look how bright her soul is!

My book Trapper and Emmeline (for Kindle on Amazon) touches on the question of women and their appetites when Emmeline says: “Boys don’t really want a perverted girl. They want a nice girl who does perverted things. Tell me I’m wrong.”

I run into this outlook every now and then. If the girl is a pervert, she must be broken, with no ego, and have sexual abuse in her past. If she’s not a pervert but you can talk her into doing a perverted thing, well, that’s okay. But who decides? The difference between the two is determined by unmeasurable levels of perversity inside the woman’s head, but the difference is assigned by an outside person (like an appalled and disappointed boyfriend). Is that fair? A woman can go from being sweet-and-saucy to being a full-on worthless whore, just from a man thinking slightly differently about her. If she allows that to happen.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Daddy Interrupt-us!

“You stand out there and ACT NATURAL. I will hide behind you and… ooh! What have we here? How delightful!”

In a passage that evokes the tapestry scene  in Hamlet (because we’re totally literary), Emmeline is having classy sex with an older family friend.

Suddenly her scary Greek construction-foreman father returns home!

She has to think fast or she and Uncle Stace (not her real uncle) will die mid-coitus in a nuclear explosion of Greek betrayal and rage not seen since [insert another classy Greek tragedy reference here].

It only took a moment for Uncle Stace to get into rhythm, but even so, my father was stomping toward us up the hall before Stace finally exploded in my pussy. The heat and wet in my belly compounded. I felt like I was a balloon filling up with cum. Stace closed the curtains between us but was still spurting into me when my father entered the room.

He looked at the expression on my face, which was probably one he’d never seen before. ….

Strangest hook-up ever! I thought.

Trapper and Emmeline, available at a fine e-proprietor near you.

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Hey ya’ll, I was just deflowered!

Scene from my interview with Virginia Flowers. It stopped working halfway through! Ugh, I’m so non-technical. She recommended I switch to email instead.

As if you need another reason to visit Virigina Flowers’s blog — I’m featured over there today!! Yep! I can finally delete this blog because I’ve made it to the big time. (Sample book: The Interview (Confessions of an IT Stud) by Virginia Flowers.)

In my interview, I go Full Metal Lindsey on topics that range from writing, through pee-empowerment, my memories of how awesome I was in college, metrosexual men with man-ginas, my new Trapper and Emmeline book (free today at a fine ebookstore near you), and good Romance character names (three syllables are the best). Along the way I talk about myself very frequently.

I talk about my writing process Yellow Summer, a pee story due to splatter onto the market sometime this summer:

I conducted pee research [late-breaking joke: peesearch]. I hid in the shower and then jumped out while DH was peeing and screamed at him to give me some yellow love. (Okay, martinis played a part in my planning.) Over the course of a few weeks of this, DH’s bladder turned “shy,” so I had to take my research to the Internet. There I found, as you might expect, lots of people covered in urine.

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