Flaunt your boobs

Nominee for Emmeline’s Possé: The hilarious Alexi Wasser of imboycrazy.com goes into fashion tips for how to flaunt boobs, usually your own.

There’s a huge spectrum of cleavage out there that is going untapped: lean over cleavage, sideboob, loosey-goosey sideboob, deep cleavage. She gives away all our best tips! She’s shameless and happy about it: real Emmeline material.

via SUMMER BOOBS! on Vimeo.

One for the Ladies

A grocery shopping male exhibitionist who is cut like an heirloom slicer tomato.

Here is one for the ladies! He is an odd, powerful duck… a dazzling dude who is ripped like a Greek statue. Any more ripped and he would be a ticket stub. Like Emmeline, he’s doing a regular patterns-of-life thing while wearing a jaw-droppingly inappropriate outfit. Can you imagine him asking for help at the grocery store?

Sir, can I use this coupon on the cans of stewed tomatoes? The coupon I have right here… Dang! I had it in my pockets… Let me dig in here, deeply, deeeeeeply. Nope. I guess it fell through my pockets again! Great Zeus! Why can’t I ever discount my stewed tomatoes!?

See? It’s not just crazy girls who have the Emmeline disease. Everybody can play! Ladies, am I crazy, or would you stare at this guy and sort of… wonder?

Just a little something I threw on. Thanks for noticing.

Sorry it’s not a video. Rumor has it he doesn’t play for my team, so that’s one internal conflict I don’t have to resolve.

Emmeline has a Posse is dedicated to people living their lives as a performance for others. My world is richer, knowing this guy is going to the extreme.

The Leather Vest

Nominated for Emmeline’s posse! A scene from New York. The woman in the leather vest is enthralling, entrancing. She’s a reprimand to repressed women everywhere… and she’s a danger to all men who can’t turn their heads away. If you don’t walk  into a sign-post or fall into an open manhole, you’ll get creamed by the distracted Taxi driver who is staring at her too.

Her ludicrously revealing vest carries its own logic, it creates its own social rule-set simply by being so awesome. While she’s doing this little video-shoot, she’s living life more fully than everybody else, and generating more life in her wake. She’s not worried about being judged. She understands that the timid cannot judge the daring. Emmeline material!

Warning: This video is arousing and stimulating, and may not be safe for work. But it contains no nudity, no sex, no sexual situations. 

This Vimeo account by SidewalkBeauty is awesome (more for men than women). Now, can we please get some sidewalk beauties for the ladies? Those dream-boys that you want to float after like a cartoon? Is there something out there for that?